Woori The Virgin Episode 7 Recap and Review

Woori The Virgi is the adaptation of The Virgin that aired in 2014. Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon, and Shin Dong-wook appear in this Jung Jung-hwa-directed drama. There are fourteen episodes in all. The seventh episode of Woori the Virgin has a running duration of sixty minutes.

Overview of Woori The Virgin Episode 7 

Woo-ri is disappointed that she and Kang-jae are no longer together, and Kang-jae is unable to concentrate on his job Episode 7. His coworkers are concerned about him since he spends all of his time concentrating on the case. Kang-jae attempts to speak to Woo-ri about the problem, following the advice of his colleague, but she won’t talk to him. While chatting to him, she faints, and physicians tell her to avoid any stress or she’ll miscarry the baby.

Plot & Storyline of Woori The Virgin Episode 7 

Won’t you get Woo-ri pregnant by mistake? He enlists the aid of a legal friend of his, as well as Raphael’s. Woo-ri and Raphael’s kid is dubbed an “accident” and a “disaster” by the legal team. Raphael and Woo-ri are equally put off by this, so Raphael urges the attorneys to put down their swords. When he asks Woo-ri whether she’d want to abandon the lawsuit, she says yes.


Cast explanation

Other people’s families were important to Raphael, but that was never the case for him. His main aspiration in life is to find the woman of his dreams, marry her, and have a family. He wants to have supper with his family every night. Woo-unborn ri’s child has been given the affectionate nickname “Gummy Bear,” and a picture of the baby’s ultrasound has been framed. He not only sleeps with the picture next to him, but he also eats and drinks with it.

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Where was it filmed?

Viewers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia may tune in at 6:30 p.m. in India, 9:00 a.m. in the United States, and 9:00 a.m. in Canada. As an added bonus, critics have noted that the female protagonist is a refreshing departure from the stereotypically powerful kdrama heroine.

Recap of Woori The Virgin Episode 7  

When Woo-ri overhears Raphael’s father and Ma-ri bickering, she informs Raphael’s father that she will not give the kid. Raphael’s father has been preventing the divorce between his son and his wife. Neither Raphael’s father nor Woo-ri knew what else to say. Woo-ri decides not to pursue legal action and instead refers to her unplanned pregnancy as a gift.

Woo-ri appears in his nightmares as he goes to sleep. He kisses Woo-ri while he gazes at the sunset with her at his side. He’s startled and baffled when he realizes what’s happened in a bizarre dream.

Woori The Virgin Episode 7 Review

Raphael has arranged for Woo-ri to participate in a special prenatal yoga session that he has reserved only for her. As it turns out, Raphael must join his wife in a few Yoga courses as well. As a result of Raphael and Woo-discomfort ri’s with the workout, they decide to depart midway through the lesson. Woo-grandma ri’s feels that Raphael and Woo-ri are a good match after hearing the baby’s heartbeats at the sonography center.

 She is a powerful woman in her own right, despite the fact that she doesn’t dress in leather and has dyed hair. Woo Ri Oh chose to keep the kid despite the social backlash she would face for doing so. 

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Fans reactions

When Oh Woo Ri is no longer Choi Sung Il’s daughter, the emphasis of Woori The Virgin’s next episode will be on the changes that occur in her life as a result. Kang Jae’s breakup has made everyone, the fans even more stressed. While people are curious whether Oh is expecting a boy or a girl.



Where to watch?

SBS was the first to broadcast Woori The Virgin when it first aired. Jang Ah Mi wrote the intriguing storyline for this drama. The film’s director, Jung Jung Hwa, is a well-known South Korean filmmaker known as Flower Girl Next Door. Episode 7 of Woori The Virgin will air on SBS at 10:00 pm on Monday, Korean Standard Time.

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Woori Woo-side ri’s of The Virgin is touched deeply by the events of Episode 7. She is still working hard at her profession, despite the split. Woo-ri has a hard time laughing at Raphael. The infant and Woo-ri need Raphael’s help, but he’s becoming fond of Woo-ri in the process. But he doesn’t know where it’s going to take him.

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