GamesWinzo Review: Legit or Scam? Get Rs. 50 when You Install. Instant...

Winzo Review: Legit or Scam? Get Rs. 50 when You Install. Instant Payment

I have been a frequent user of the award-winning Winzo app since 2018 and it has never let me down in terms of prizes. It has 1.2+ Crore users. The software is constantly adding new features. Winzo offers more than 70 engaging and well-liked games, like Mr. Racer, FreeFire, PUBG, Carrom, Cricket, and Rummy, which you can play and compete against other players to win money.

If you work hard, this kind of software can pay you up to Lakh each month. One of the best features of this program is that payments are made promptly via a variety of well-liked payment methods, including UPI, Paytm, and bank transfers. We will discover the following facts about Winzo in this review:

Does Winzo actually pay and what is it?

Awarded-winning Winzo App is a social gaming site where you can play a variety of fun games, compete with other players, and earn real money. More than 1.2 crore people use it, and TicTok Skill Games Private Limited runs it. Since its founding in 2016, Winzo has given its subscribers more than 200 crores in incentives.

Winzo is 100 percent legitimate and legal, and I have received payments from them multiple times by bank deposit and Paytm wallet deposit. The post’s conclusion includes Payment Proofs as well. They also received $5 million in funding from Hike and Kalaari Capital in 2019.


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How to Download Winzo and Sign Up to Receive a Bonus

Winzo cannot be downloaded from the Play Store. To download, install, and sign up for Winzo, follow these instructions.

  • Download the Winzo APK.
  • If you haven’t previously, permit the installation of third-party apps.
  • Tap the file to Install when the file has finished downloading. Start the app. Enter your information. Ensure the phone number. To receive a 50 Rupee welcome bonus when signing up, use the referral code SUD890DB.

Game Formats for Winzo

Winzo’s ability to host a variety of skill games in a variety of forms where players may participate and earn real money is a plus. After registering, use your phone number to log into Winzo. On the homepage, many game forms will be displayed.

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In the Winzobaazi area, there are more than 30 games. You have the opportunity to engage in live competition with other players in this style. Some games, like carrom, can only be played with two people, while others support multiplayer. You are given a table when you tap a game, and more players can join that table.

All participants are required to pay the boot amount (entry fee). Everyone starts the game and tries their best to get the highest score. After Winzo commission is paid, the winner’s (the person with the highest score) wallet receives the whole boot amount.

winzo app download

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World War

The Winzo World War Format is defined by three factors: the number of teams, the number of entries, and the scoring method. Let’s analyze these. Different scoring formats are possible.

As an illustration, if a game says High Score Counts, it signifies that only the highest score will be taken into account and contributed to your team’s score. If you read All Score Counts, it implies the scores from all of your attempts will be added to your team’s total.

Similar to that, the number of teams indicates how many teams are taking part in the game. With the entry fee, you can play as many times as you’d like in a single entry game, but only three times in multiple entry games. You will have to pay a modest fee for subsequent retries.

This structure is somewhat reminiscent of those fantasy games where teams and individuals from all over the nation compete to be at the top of leaderboards in order to earn large sums of money. On the World War leaderboard, you may view your ranking and the distribution of prizes.

Your performance in various games will be evaluated on a per-day, per-week, and per-month basis in order to rank you on the leaderboard. Why don’t you give it a shot? because the first two games, for which there is a 5 Rupee admission fee, are free.

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Winzo will match you up with an opponent, as the name would imply, and the goal is to win money by scoring more points. Based on your location, you can challenge nearby gamers to a game.

Making Money With Winzo

Winzo provides numerous chances for making money. You receive a 50 rupee welcome bonus when you sign up, which you can use to start your lucrative journey. There are three main ways to make money with Winzo:

winzo app download

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Game Playing

What could be better than earning cash while enjoying your favorite games of leisure? The main focus of Winzo is gaming and earning money. In the preceding section, you learned about several game formats. To compete against other players, you must make a financial deposit.

But when you add money to your Winzo wallet, you receive a sizable payback. The boot amount is the cost to begin a game. Play the game you are best at because there are so many different games available. Choose a boot quantity by tapping on the game you want to play.

Winzo will locate a rival and take the identical boot amount from a different participant. The player with the highest score in the game will be crowned the winner and get the entire boot amount (less the Winzo commission) that was collected from all other players.

Winnings may be cashed out at a later time or applied as a boot amount for more games. I would advise you to begin with a lesser boot quantity and increase it as you gain experience in the game.

Providing Credit

You can view public money borrow requests on the website dedicated to lending money. If you see “10 for 5,” it signifies that the player will give you 10 rupees in exchange for a 5-rupee loan. There are many who would like to participate but are unable to pay. In Winzo, you can lend money to other people.

Money will not be available for withdrawal by borrowers until lenders are paid back. The borrowed amount will be subtracted and put in the lender’s account once they have enough money in their account.

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Note: Winzo will not be liable for recovering your money if you send them money and they lose it or stop using Winzo forever. If you want to borrow money so you can play and win, you can do that too.

Inviting Pals

Referring friends to Winzo is another option to earn money. You receive a referral incentive when friends install Winzo using your link or code and validate. You receive cash whenever customers add money to their Winzo wallet. You receive more funds when your buddies have played 10 games. For individuals who have a large friend network, this could be significant potential.

winzo app download

How Much a Month’s Worth of Winzo Can Bring In

Some people merely profit from Winzo, while others make as much as they would at a regular job. Your gaming prowess mostly determines how much money you can make with Winzo. Play games with greater boot amount only when you are truly competent at them. In addition, their referral program works well if you have a large friend network or a platform like a YouTube channel.

Minimum Payment Threshold and Winzo Payout Options

More than 200 crores have been paid to Winzo’s users thus far. Three withdrawal alternatives are now available: Paytm, UPI, and bank transfer. To request a withdrawal, your Winzo wallet must have at least 3 Rupees. If you use Paytm or UPI, payouts are completed instantly at the very least.

I haven’t used a bank transfer yet. Winzo assesses a withdrawal fee of 5% of the withdrawal amount. Only winnings are withdrawable. Unused funds and cash bonuses may only be used to play games with the intention of winning and thereafter withdrawing profits.

For Paytm and UPI, the minimum payout threshold for referral earnings is maintained at 10 Rupees and 30 Rupees, respectively. Only one payment request may be made per 24 hours.

Winzo Payment Evidence

Winzo Has Paid Me More than 50 Times. Their Payment System Does Not Require User Intervention, Thus Payouts Are Made Promptly Whether It Is a Workday or A Holiday. Take a Look at these payments I got from Winzo.


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