DivorceWhat Is the Reason for Willie Moore Jr. and His Wife's Divorce?

What Is the Reason for Willie Moore Jr. and His Wife’s Divorce?

William Moore Jr., sometimes referred to by the stage names Pretty Willie, Willie Moore, and P-Dub is a St. Louis-based actor, performer, producer, presenter, host of a radio show, singer, and ordained minister.

Whether performing as the Grammy-nominated R&B artist “Pretty Willie” or as the Stellar Nominated Amazing and Inspiring Musician Willie Mo, Willie is a contemporary favorite.

As the popular “Willie Moore Jr. Show” host, he usually has an impact on over 1.7 million people. Leading musicians and celebrities have appeared on the ground-breaking uplifting show, including Barack and Michelle Obama, Tyler Perry, and others.

Willie may also be seen on the over 60 million global viewers of TBN’s Juice TV’s The Crew and BET’s Joyful Noise. Are you interested in learning who Willie Moore’s wife is?

Their family life and children? To learn more, continue reading.

Quick Details:

Full Name
Willie Moore Jr.
Birth date
December 20, 1978
Birth Place
St. Louis
Radio Host
Net Worth
$100,000 – $1M
Martial Status


Since 2005, Willie Moore Jr. has been wed to Patricia Moore.

Moore On October 23, 2005, Willie wed Patricia, and they have been happily married ever since. After nearly ten years of marriage, Willie and his wife had three children: Khalil, Peyton, and Paisley.

The lovely pair has kept their marriage a secret because they dislike talking about their personal lives. The actor and his St. Louis-born wife Patricia don’t know how they met or when they chose to get married.

Willie Moore Jr. and Patricia Moore kept up their marriage in spite of this. There hasn’t been any discussion about the couple’s breakup prior to today.

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As the year goes on, neither the performer nor his wife Patricia exhibits any pathological changes.

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Patricia Moore’s Biography

Based on her Instagram, Patricia Moore is a well-known freelancer, fitness coach, and motivator. As the spouse of St. Louis-based actor Willie Moore, she is also well-known.

The birthdate, age, and parents of Willie Moore’s wife are tragically unknown. But don’t worry, if any new details on Patricia Moore, Willie Moore’s wife, emerge, we’ll check and update this site.

Willie Moore Jr. Kids

1. Khalil Moore

He is the son of Willie, an actor who lives in St. Louis, and Patricia, his attractive wife. Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding Khalil’s age or birthdate.

2. Peyton Moore

He is the other child of Willie Moore, an entertainer, and Patricia, his wife. Like his brother, Payton’s age and date of birth are regrettably unknown.

3. Paisley Moore

She is the only child of Willie Moore, a producer, and Patricia, his wonderful wife. The age of Paisley, who was born on November 9, 2018, is three.

Living Apart in the Same House

It’s challenging to split up during the Great Recession. Divorce has increased in cost for some spouses due to falling house values and job losses.

There is frequently not enough money to support separate houses, pay for legal representation during child custody disputes, or travel to court.

What has always been difficult is now frantic and perplexing, as an increasing number of couples choose to wait out the economic crisis while others adopt novel strategies, such as cohabiting while divorcing.

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David Goldberg, a Gaithersburg-based divorce attorney, and mediator says he has numerous files that are stuck in limbo. He claims that in his 44 years of practicing family law, he has never experienced a period quite like this one.

I have a number of clients who have filed for bankruptcy recently, he remarked.

Paulene Foster, a 42-year-old federal employee from Olney, is aware of the challenges associated with getting a divorce during a recession. She claims that her fragile financial situation made her wait a year.

As if that weren’t enough, she lived in the same home as her estranged husband, with her in the upstairs and him in the basement. The couple had difficult months while trying to sell their suburban townhouse.


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