Why Did Martin Hyde Apologise to Sarasota Police Officer: Candidate Threatens to End Officer’s Career!

Republican congressional candidate Martin Hyde expressed regret for his conduct during a traffic stop on Valentine’s Day in Sarasota.

The outspoken local business owner and former professional soccer player is running against Vern Buchanan in Florida’s 16th congressional district. And it was obvious that there was no love in the air when he was apprehended on February 14.

Hyde admitted that his threats to have the officer who had pulled him over for speeding and texting fired during the traffic stop were wrong in a quick interview with 10 Tampa Bay on Wednesday.


Tim Burquest, a photographer, captured Hyde’s admission that “I was completely hammering out of sequence.” I apologized to everyone who was impacted by my inappropriate behavior and called the officer afterward to do so. I had no right to speak to anyone in that way.

Additionally, Sam Fender has apologized for his “ignorant” post in which he praised Johnny Depp as a hero.

The video gained considerable national attention this week after being highlighted in Newsweek.

On Wednesday, Hyde made it obvious that he is aware of his mistake.

“I believe everyone is quite sanctimonious about politeness until it actually comes to them,” Hyde said to 10 Tampa Bay.

I’m aware of having acted somewhat like “Karen” there. I wanted to call the manager or another appropriate party to address the issue.

Hyde claims to have spent hundreds of hours volunteering for police enforcement, and he normally gets along with officers.

He asserts that this incident, which was recorded on a recently released public body camera footage, will not in any way help his campaign.

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Anyone who would consider voting for me “should pause for thought,” Hyde said. “I’d advise people to wait and carefully consider the situation over time, asking themselves if they want someone in Congress who votes for your constitutional rights or whether someone who gets along with the police when they write them tickets,” the author said.

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Driving Stopped

On February 14, Julia Beskin, a police officer, stopped Hyde. He had been texting and speeding in Sarasota, close to Fruitville Road and N. Euclid Avenue, she told him.

The Sarasota Police Department asserts that a laser reading showed Hyde was moving at 57 miles per hour in a 40.

Are you aware of who I am? After briefly approaching Hyde’s SUV, Beskin asked.

Beskin, a seven-year Sarasota Police Department veteran, replied, “Yes, sir, I do.

During their first exchange, Hyde declined to grant registration right away, but once the citations were released, he did. He was given fines for texting and driving, going too fast, and failing to show his registration when requested. The total fine for the three offenses was just under $500.

Beskin maintained her composure throughout the traffic stop, but Hyde was heard growing more irate, suggesting he was being treated unfairly.

Do you deal with others in this way because you’re a Russian immigrant? According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Beskin is from Latvia and speaks both Russian and English. Hyde interrogated him.

Beskin is used to cooperating with law enforcement. According to the newspaper, she graduated from high school in Brooklyn, had a degree in criminal justice, and spent eight years working for the NYPD before accepting a position in Sarasota.

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She tried to get the conversation back on track, but it was clear Hyde didn’t like her taking charge on February 14. Hyde pulled out his cell phone during the traffic check and said, “Keep talking to a congressional candidate like this.”

As Beskin attempted to perform her duties, Hyde began to imply that he would ensure her dismissal.

“Why Are You Doing This?” He Demanded.

Because I have job to do, sir. Everyone is subject to the law, Beskin said in response.

Hyde said to Beskin, “I’ll question your job,” and that she had “made a mistake.”

I didn’t do anything wrong, sir. I’m doing my job, ” Beskin once said something.

Two sergeants and backup officers arrived on the scene. When they were alone with one supervisor, Hyde persisted in expressing his wish to fire Beskin.

For seven years, she has worked there. Her eight years are numbered. “I’ll make sure that,” Hyde responded.

As he was about to leave, Hyde said that the recent rash of violence in Sarasota’s Newtown district may have been caused by the police.

He told the management, “If that’s how you deal with people, it’s no wonder there are massacres in Newtown.

A Sarasota police insider claims that department officials are standing by Officer Beskin because they believe he has done nothing wrong.

Video from A Bodycam

10 The longer camera films were shortened by Tampa Bay to create the short video below, which focuses on the conversation between Mr. Hyde and Officer Beskin. There are two different camera perspectives shown.

If you are experiencing trouble watching the video, click here.

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Additionally, Luca Bish’s family has apologized for his treatment of Gemma Owen.

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Prior Conflicts

Hyde has made two unsuccessful attempts to run for Sarasota City Commission. During one of those runs, he was accused of being racist.

Our new colleagues at WWSB covered an incident at Sarasota’s Bath & Racquet Club in 2019. There were teenagers participating who had traveled to the area for the Casely International Tennis Championships.

The teenagers’ tennis coach at the time told WWSB that his students had reported hearing Hyde yelling at them to stop speaking Spanish and telling them to “go out and cut the grass” at one point.

In a video that was posted on social media, Hyde added, “I don’t know what narcotics they’re on.”

According to the TV station, Hyde acknowledged getting angry but denied uttering anything racial.

At the time, Hyde told WWSB, “I accept straight away that I was erroneous and that a lot of it wasn’t based on their color. She said that it was based on my negative character.

Those who attend Sarasota School Board meetings are familiar with Hyde. Additionally, attention outside of Sarasota has been generated by his comments there.

Footage of Hyde fiercely denouncing a city mask mandate once appeared in an online campaign for The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump PAC.

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