ControversyWhat Was Whitewater Controversy? Ken Starr, 76, Dies in Surgery!

What Was Whitewater Controversy? Ken Starr, 76, Dies in Surgery!

The Whitewater scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1990s. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater Development Corporation real estate ventures were first the focus of the investigation.

In November 1993, David Hale, the man who made the criminal claims against the Clintons, said that Bill Clinton had pressed him into making an unlawful $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal, the Clintons’ partner in the Whitewater land purchase.

During President Reagan’s presidency, Ken Starr, a prominent attorney, was elevated to the bench as a federal judge. After that, he worked for President George H.W. Bush as the Solicitor General.

Starr gained widespread notoriety as the special prosecutor who looked into the sex and perjury scandal that ultimately resulted in the impeachment of then-President Clinton.

Bill Clinton’s replacement as governor, Jim Guy Tucker, was found guilty of fraud and given four years of probation.

After three investigations concluded there was insufficient evidence to charge either Bill or Hillary Clinton with a crime, neither of them faced criminal charges.

Ken Starr, the Prosecutor in The Clinton-Lewinsky Case, Passes Away During Surgery

Whitewater Controversy Ken Starr

The family of Reagan appointee Ken Starr said he passed away at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston on Tuesday due to complications from surgery.

Starr is best known for leading the prosecution against former President Bill Clinton and his administration during the Whitewater scandal of the 1990s. He was 76.

Starr recently rose to prominence again after joining Donald Trump‘s legal team during the first impeachment trial of the former president.

His son, Randall P. Starr, released a statement saying, “We are terribly grieved by the passing of our dear and loving Father and Grandfather, whom we revered for his enormous work ethic, but who always placed his family first.”

We will always remember Dad’s boundless love, boundless enthusiasm, lovable sense of humor, and fun-loving interest in each of us, and the many beautiful times we spent with him.

Starr spent a large portion of his time serving in government and teaching law.

In his long career in the Republican Party, he held a number of positions, including that of Solicitor General of the United States under George H.W. Bush, United States Circuit Judge, and Counselor and Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan.

William French Smith is the current attorney general of the United States, has been a law professor for 25 years, served as dean of Pepperdine University’s law school, and was previously president and chancellor of Baylor University.

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The Whitewater Scandal

Whitewater Controversy

After President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton’s real estate interests came under scrutiny in the Whitewater inquiry in 1994, Starr was tapped to head it up.

The affair between President Clinton and his intern Monica Lewinsky has uncovered thanks to Starr’s inquiry.

Among the charges against Clinton are perjury and obstruction of justice when testifying before a federal grand jury.

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President Clinton was impeached after Starr’s 1998 report to Congress, but he was later exonerated at trial and finished out his second term.

Starr then served as the President and Chancellor of Baylor University in Texas. In 2016, he resigned over allegations that the university had mishandled sexual assault reports made by female students.

On the legal team for former President Trump’s first impeachment trial in 2020 was Starr.


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