When Did Amy Robach Split from Husband Andrew Shue?

According to Page Six’s sources, Amy Robach and Andrew Shue’s “rocky” marriage has resulted in a “nearly finalized” divorce settlement. The couple met while working on the television show “Melrose Place.”

“Good Morning America” anchor shared with Page Six on Thursday that she is “happy in a relationship” with “Good Morning America” co-anchor T.J. Holmes.

The divorce between Amy and Andrew is very close to being finalized, according to the friend. Earlier this summer, he left his previous residence.

They had so many disagreements throughout the years that they decided to end their relationship as a result.

Another person who is familiar with both Robach and Holmes provided the following information to Page Six regarding their romantic relationship: “They’re in a relationship, and they’re extremely happy.

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Because they are both divorced from their respective partners and because they are both consenting adults, they are free to engage in whatever sexual activity they see fit.

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Robach, 49, and Shue, 55, married the knot in 2010, two years after her divorce from Tim McIntosh, the father of her two teenage girls. Robach is two years younger than Shue. Shue is two years older than Robach.

When asked if Robach had any extramarital affairs during their marriage, an insider at a TV network responded, “It wouldn’t surprise me.”

She and Andrew had their ups and downs, and several times throughout the years they came dangerously close to splitting up. However, it’s not like Amy is some kind of habitual adulterer.”

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On Wednesday, a source shared their thoughts with Page Six. This year, Robach and Holmes started dating around the time that they were both preparing for the New York City Half Marathon in March.

Marilee Fiebig, an immigration lawyer, and Holmes, who is 45 years old, have been married for the past 12 years.

Back in May, the two were seen “canoodling” in clubs close to the Midtown Manhattan headquarters of ABC News. Both individuals had recently divorced their respective wives in August.

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Two weeks before Thanksgiving, the co-anchors of “GMA 3” went on a vacation to a secluded cottage. While there, a photo was taken that showed Holmes grabbing Robach’s butt as she leaned into the trunk of a car.

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After arriving in New York City from London the day after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, Holmes and Robach were reportedly seen engaging in some playful behavior, as reported by Page Six.

Amy Robach Split from Husband Andrew Shue

The revelation that Robach and Shue’s separation is “almost finalized” comes on the same day that the Melrose Place actor, now 55 years old, removed all traces of his marriage to Robach from his social media accounts on Wednesday, the same day that a collection of photographs showing his wife and Holmes together was made public for the first time.

Amy teaches the rest of us how to live every day, and for that, we are the luckiest people alive.

“Through the rain – besides the river – a run to celebrate life – We are the luckiest!” This was written by Shue in a post from October 2020 that can no longer be found on his Instagram account.

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According to a previous claim by RadarOnline.com, Robach and Holmes are said to have started their affair in March, just after the two began training together for the New York City Half Marathon.

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The following month, one month later, in April, the two of them were dispatched to London to cover the Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth. This trip contributed significantly to the development of their relationship.

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Photos taken more recently showed the two gettings closer in JFK International Airport in September after they returned from covering the demise of Queen Elizabeth, while other photographs showed Robach and Holmes together both before and after Thanksgiving.

An insider at ABC revealed that the show’s producers were taken aback when they found out the two were having an affair.

On air, they appear to have a very warm and friendly connection, but this is to be expected. On the other hand, they took a lot of precautions in the background to conceal their affair.

Even though sources claim that Holmes and Marilee Fiebig separated in August as a result of Holmes and Robach’s then-secret relationship, there has been no word as to whether or not Holmes is currently going through the process of divorcing his wife, Marilee Fiebig.

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