TechnologyWhatsApp Is Down Today, Users Throughout the World Report Issues!

WhatsApp Is Down Today, Users Throughout the World Report Issues!

On Tuesday, the widely used messaging service WhatsApp stopped working for a large number of users worldwide. Users in Asia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Europe reported problems sending and receiving texts and videos.

Over 68,000 users in the UK had reported issues with the app as of 07:50 GMT, according to the outage reporting website Downdetector. It said 19,000 people in Singapore and 15,000 in South Africa reported problems.

For both homes and enterprises, the app has emerged as a vital tool for communication. Before traders shifted to alternate platforms like Telegram when Whatsapp experienced an hours-long outage in October, trading of assets such as cryptocurrencies and oil was affected.

WhatsApp Is Down, Users Throughout the World Report Issues!

The most recent outage of the app occurred over the holiday season in India, which is its largest user base and where people use the site even more frequently than usual to send holiday pleasantries.

Downdetector gathers status updates from a variety of sources, including user-submitted mistakes on its platform, to track outages. Perhaps more users were impacted by the outage.

We’re striving to swiftly restore WhatsApp for everyone, a spokeswoman for WhatsApp parent company Meta Platforms (META.O) said on Tuesday. “We’re aware that some people are now having problems sending messages,” the spokesperson said.

More than 70000 tweets and hundreds of jokes were posted online during the #whatsappdown trend on Twitter.

A user posted, “Don’t check your internet connection again… WhatsApp is currently unavailable.”

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