The Shadowban on Instagram Is Real: How To Check for It & Avoid It

Do you believe Instagram has been shadowbanned? You can determine if you’ve been blacklisted using a straightforward way. Pick one of your most used hashtags first. It needs to be a hashtag that isn’t frequently used by other people and could be utilized only by you. Post anything using this hashtag.

Next, request from a few non-followers on Instagram that they look up the hashtag. Does your post reach them? If not, you might have received a shadow ban.

However, keep in mind that content modification may also be to blame for lesser engagement. We advise you to spend some time and conduct an in-depth investigation to determine whether or not you have experienced an Instagram shadowban.

How to Prevent a Shadowban on Instagram

There are many reasons why you might be banned on Instagram in this covert manner. So that you can stop it from happening to your Instagram account, we briefly discuss them. You’ll probably discover that the violation of the platform’s terms of service was the cause of your ban.

Buying Supporters

Instagram has made it obvious that they don’t like it when people artificially increase their following. You will undoubtedly annoy them if you use automated technologies and bots to grow your following. A major no-no that you should never engage in is purchasing followers.

Such dishonest methods can be detected by Instagram, and doing so may result in an Instagram shadowban. We advise you to grow your following in a sincere and moral manner.

what does shadow banned mean

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Expired Hashtags

You must confirm that the platform hasn’t “banned” the hashtags you intend to use. If you search for a hashtag and just the most recent posts appear, it might have been restricted. Don’t employ it. It is advised that you frequently conduct searches of this nature to prevent using hashtags that can result in your banning.

Even a simple phrase can have a complicated meaning when used in the incorrect context, despite your best efforts to make your hashtag seem innocent and innocuous. Be cautious. Instagram will occasionally display a notification in the hashtag feed informing users that certain posts were hidden. That would be a result of them violating neighborhood rules.


The activity on your Instagram account may have an impact on how the platform perceives you. Instagram will become suspicious if you start suddenly following or unfollowing users, as well as liking and sharing a lot of posts. It could appear to be an unnatural behavior and might result in a ban. Make sure your activity is consistent, and limit the number of postings you make each day. Additionally, your participation must appear natural and not like something a robot would do.

Repeating Hashtags

It may come off as spam if you consistently use the same hashtag. Even though you might be doing it to be consistent, it might not work out well for you. To avoid this kind of unfavorable attention, occasionally change your hashtags. Keep things as fresh as you can because it’s not yet evident when you should alter things to be secure. In case you weren’t sure, even brand hashtags are unreliable.

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They don’t like the idea that you might be bulking up your Instagram activity using the software. After many users waited for this functionality for years, Instagram is now allowing users to post automatically. However, in order to use it, you must be utilising Instagram’s Business API.

However, there are programs that claim to publish on your account for you, and doing this can be considered against the rules. Not all apps will cause you trouble, but we advise you to research them well before putting any of them to use.

You Were Known

Your account may have been marked and reported by a disgruntled (or envious) Instagram user. Even if you are positive that you did not violate any regulations, Instagram may decide to delete your account.

Discovering the reasons why consumers reported you are not always simple. However, the platform must first assess any account in accordance with its official rules before responding to a complaint. If you believe that Instagram erred in banning you, you may appeal the decision.

what does shadow banned mean

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Steps to Take

Fortunately, there are a few approaches you can try to lift your shadowban on Instagram. To restore order, you can do the following actions.

Go on a break. Don’t use your account for 24 to 48 hours and take a break from it. Everything might go back to how it was before your ban if you keep your account quiet during this time.

Reduce the number of times you publish new material. Instagram may flag your account for spam if you shared too many posts and got a touch overexcited. Try to be more subdued and maintain a more regular posting schedule.

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Reduce the speed of automated services if you can’t stop utilizing them. Choose the slowest speed setting on your tool if you can for a time. And think twice before selecting the fastest choice. If you can avoid using these tools, don’t use them at all.

As you are already aware, hashtags are crucial on Instagram. As often as you can, make new ones and switch things up.

Instagram prefers natural engagement, so if it believes you haven’t been organic, it may ban your account. Post a comment to prove to Instagram that you are a real person.

It’s probable that Instagram prioritizes corporate accounts because these accounts frequently engage in follower spam. Change your account to a personal one if you can. This could assist you in, so to speak, “falling off the radar.”

In general, you shouldn’t encounter too many issues if you utilize Instagram in a natural and organic manner. To avoid any problems, produce regular, engaging material without oversaturating your followers’ feeds. You should be alright as long as you keep an eye on the blocked hashtags and conduct yourself normally.

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