Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 5 Review and Recap Details out

Ahead of its premiere on May 23, the series promises a lot of sadness as well as plenty of drama. Also, there will be honest conversations about the wedding process and how it’s not a walk in the park!

Overview of Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 5

Everything isn’t as simple as they imagined it would be when their families finally meet and everything gets underway. Additionally, setting up a lovely marital residence and planning the wedding are significant tasks.  

Suddenly, Jun-hyeong wants to notify everyone about a little wedding father that stops him from even pronouncing the word. Watching the father-daughter combination attempting to prevent him from saying anything that might lead to his death is a hoot!

Plot & Storyline of Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 5

“A marriage proposal is intended to have a joyful conclusion,” according to Netflix’s official description. However, for one couple, it marks a battle in the run-up to the wedding.” When Na-eun begs worry about the number of attendees or the quantity of wreaths at the funeral, Jun-hyeong promises to look for methods to help her parents feel at ease. 

She, on the other hand, does not want them to overanalyze the situation. As it turns out, she discovers that her parents had a sizable nest egg set up for her and wonders why they didn’t tell her about it. When asked why he didn’t assist with the wedding, he humorously responds that she didn’t want to.

Cast explanation

The next Korean drama Welcome to Wedding Hell, popularly known as, will premiere on Netflix on May 23, 2022. In addition the cast also includes additional actors and actresses. For example, Souls, while Lee Yun-hee was last seen on MBC’s 2020 programme The Game: Towards Zero alongside Ok TaecYeon, Yoo In-na, and Yoo Yeon-seok. Choi I-rang is the show’s creator.

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Where was it filmed?

When Na-eun informed her friends she was being married to Jun-hyeong at this location, he was aghast; compared to the hotel, it seems cheap and dirty. When Kim Na Eun and Seo Joon Hyung were planning their wedding, they had no idea that their visions would come true.

Recap of Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 5

Each tries to have other, and Na-eun uses her father’s objections to a hotel wedding as a reason to get her way. We learn that Jun-mother hyung’s requested that he have a lavish hotel wedding in order to keep his family’s reputation intact and avoid embarrassment for their 800 guests. In the end, he decides to persuade her father rather than inform her. 

She does her best to keep the situation under control as they settle down for ramen and talk, but sadly and tells her that he wants her to be honest with him. Na-falsehood eun’s to Jun-hyeong regarding her father’s opposition to the hotel has left the latter looking embarrassed as well. Unexpectedly, her father brings up the issue of the different guest lists and informs it may not seem like a huge matter, people do bring up such things. This surprises Na-eun. While Na-eun is distraught, Jun-hyeong has already come up with a solution!


Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 5 Review

Jun-hyeong, on the other hand, has to tell his mother the news, and she doesn’t take it well. The wedding is offended, and that he would honor her choice the next time around as well. She takes advantage of the chance to demonstrate to Na-eun how her family works by handing out the wedding presents on her own terms. Mother’s menacing tone confuses Jun-hyeong, who agrees with a shrug.

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This episode, in my opinion, was well-balanced. There are communication issues, but the episode truly shows how stressful wedding preparation can be for brides-to-be and grooms-to-be. Overall, I thought the episode was passable, but I’m eagerly anticipating the drama to come in the next episode.

Fans reactions

Many fans showed their excitement for this episode through Twitter. They are looking forward to the show. Find the tweets below.


Where to watch?

By June 15, 2022, there will have been 12 episodes, each lasting around 30 minutes. A new edition of the show will broadcast three times a week at 7:00 p.m. KST on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Check it out on Netflix to know.

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It is how the two main characters perform in this Netflix romantic comedy series, given they are both portrayed by fan favourites.Also, let’s improve our ability to communicate! It’s as though they never learn anything!

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