if you are a fan of rap and hip hop it will be shocking if you haven’t heard Fat Joe’s music

It must be a topic of interest that how much does Fat Joe earn? What is his net worth? We are here to answer just these questions!

His real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, he was born in New York City, on 19 August 1970

Fat Joe’s estimated net worth is about $4Million

Fat Joe’s estimated net worth is about $4Million

His huge net worth is indicated heavily in his lifestyle, he a beautiful, spacious and expensive mansion on New York City, along with houses in Chicago and Los Angeles.

When it comes to his cars his swanky collection consists of Toyota Corolla and a Range Rover. Other than these two, he also has a Chevrolet,

he came up with a single called “Flow Joe”, which climbed up to number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart. Till date the album that is Fat Joe’s most successful,