CelebrityVal Kilmer Cancer Recovery, Losing His Speaking Voice, and How He's Doing...

Val Kilmer Cancer Recovery, Losing His Speaking Voice, and How He’s Doing Now!

Since being diagnosed with throat cancer over five years ago, Val Kilmer has been on a health journey.

After he was brought to UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California for bleeding from the throat, he denied on social media that he had a tumor.

After first concealing his sickness, the actor finally came clean about it in 2017, discussing how his illness had altered his outlook on life.

Actor Val Kilmer Initially Refused to Accept that He Had Throat Cancer

val kilmer illness

In 2015, Val Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer, although the Alexander actor initially claimed that the lesion was malignant.

In January of 2015, he wrote on Facebook, “Thank you for all your sweet support.”

However, I have not undergone cancer, tumor surgery, or any other type of operation. Due to a medical problem, I needed to remain in the intensive care unit at UCLA.

Friends that are aware of my religious beliefs have helped out, and they’ve been extremely considerate and thoughtful for going to such great lengths to ensure that there is little to no idle chatter.

As the saying goes, “I’m praying for a swift return to the boards.” May God bless you and give you peace of mind. Sincere and heartfelt affection, Val.

During an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit in 2017, Val revealed he had been fighting throat cancer for some time. A fan asked Val about Michael’s remarks, and Val said,

He was trying to help me because the media had questioned my whereabouts recently, and I had recently been cured of cancer.

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My tongue is still swollen, albeit it is improving. People are assuming I’m still sick since I don’t sound 100% back to normal.

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Due to Treatment, Val’s New Voice Will Not Revert

val kilmer illness

The actor was subjected to excruciating sessions of chemotherapy and radiation, but it was a tracheotomy that ultimately destroyed his singing voice.

In an April 2020 Good Morning America appearance, he explained his significantly changed voice by saying he had been “diagnosed with throat cancer, which healed quite swiftly.”

The actor disclosed his feeding tube use in his 2021 documentary, titled Val.

“To explain, he remarked, “You have to make the choice to breathe or to eat”: “I can’t speak without sealing this hole [in my neck].

The documentary was narrated by Kilmer’s son for the most part, but the elder Kilmer stated, “It’s a problem that everyone who meets me has to deal with, he says, adding that he sounds “far worse” than he actually does.

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As he continued, he admitted, “I have behaved weirdly to others.” He added, “I deny none of this and have no regrets because I have lost and regained pieces of myself that I never knew existed. I am blessed.”

A humorous response was received when the actor was asked what he missed most about the voice that made him famous. That I’d had one!

After a brief pause, he let out a hearty chuckle. “And that I didn’t have a pirate’s giddy good time.”

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