Urlebird: What Is It? Is It Safe and Authentic?

It is merely a website or viewing platform where you may watch TikTok videos. Additionally, you can utilize it to download TikTok videos.

That Urlebrid posts movies from TikTok on their website without getting permission is strange. The problem is that nobody can stop them from doing this.

Because Urlebrid is utilizing their films without their consent, many TikTok viewers are shocked. To remove Urlebird, there is even a petition.

Some TikTok users claim that even if their accounts are private, Urlebird makes it simple to access their stuff. They are really irate about this, and perhaps this is the reason they want Urlebird to disappear.

How Is Urlebird Able to Access Accounts on Tik Tok?

Uncertainty surrounds Urlebird’s access to users’ TikTok accounts. They appear to even have access to certain restricted TikTok accounts. They upload everyone’s content on their website, which is also unusual.

Since Urlebird is not affiliated with TikTok, users of that app who are unhappy with videos and other content that is on Urlebird are unable to complain to TikTok about it. When a TikTok user is unhappy with their content appearing on Urlebird, Urlebird regrettably does nothing to address the issue.


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Safe to Use Urlebird?

I don’t believe it to be true. because they simply upload content from every TikTok user without getting consent. Do you believe that this is real? It appears that they have access to or have hacked into the accounts of children on TikTok and posted their content on their own websites.

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It makes sense why there is a petition, many TikTok users and content providers want Urlebird to be taken down.

You should also be aware that everything you submit on Urlebird will be shared on TikTok.

Why Is Urlebird a Popular Website?

The solution is so obvious. They make a tonne of money by publishing other people’s TikTok material to their own websites.

They only take videos and content from TikTok users and post them on their website along with advertisements.

You can attend to and sign a petition that is available at change.org/p/tiktok-take-down-urlebird if you are unhappy with Urlebird and they have used your content on their website without your consent.

Is Using Urlebird a Good Idea?

I briefly discussed Urlebird and what it is and does, so there’s that. I’m still not into this platform since I don’t like generating money off of the work of others. And that is just what they are doing.

However, if you so choose, you can still use this platform, and I’ll discuss some potential advantages.

It can be a good idea to utilize Urlebird if you reside in a country where TikTok is prohibited and difficult to access.

Utilize Urlebird to see a person’s Tiktok video covertly.

Through Urlebird, you may download videos from TikTok as well.


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How Do I Utilize Urlebird?

Even after hearing all that I said, you might still be eager to use this platform.

This article will demonstrate how to utilize Urlebird.

  • Simply open it by typing urlebird.com into your browser.
  • You see a few alternatives when entering the website.
  • You may locate trending videos under the first one, which is titled Trending.
  • Videos come next. You can view the most recent videos uploaded to TikTok by opening them. So, for instance, if someone only five minutes ago posted a video to TikTok, it will also be uploaded here!
  • Hashtags are the following. Here you may find the most recent hashtags used on TikTok. The videos with certain hashtags on them can be seen by opening them.
  • We next chose the Music option. The newest music from TikTok is available here.
  • Downloader is our final available alternative. You can download the TikTok video by simply pasting its URL into the search field. The steps below should be followed if you don’t know how to copy a TikTok video URL.
  • Open TikTok and navigate to the video you want to copy the URL for.
  • You’ll see an arrow with its head pointing to the right underneath the comment icon. Click that.
  • A new menu will then appear. Click the Copy Link button once you scroll over it.
  • Return to Urlebird now, select Downloader, and then enter the URL link that you just copied. You may then just download that video.
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Even if TikTok is illegal in some places, people may still access the site to watch videos and even download them via Urlebird.

You might find Urlebird useful because it allows you to watch videos on TikTok anonymously. However, a lot of TikTok users are dissatisfied with this platform because it blatantly utilizes their work without their consent. Despite having private accounts, some of the users I’m referring to have stuff that is accessible on Urlebird.

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