Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee Get Divorced. Tyrese Won’t Pay Alimony to His Ex-Wife!

Tyrese Gibson, a well-known Hollywood actor, and musician best known for his role in the Fast & Furious movie series has announced his divorce from wife Samantha Lee, whom he wed nearly four years ago.

On his official Instagram account, the celebrity published a joint statement that reads, “We have made the decision to publicly address a difficult and important development in our lives. We regrettably have decided to formally split and divorce after giving it considerable thought, consideration, and prayer.

We want to continue being the best of friends and supportive parents. We are tremendously grateful for our four years of marriage and feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered each other.

Added he, “Both ups and downs have been part of our journey together, but neither one of us would have chosen to go it alone. We genuinely love and respect each other so much. Together, we have seen enormous growth.

We have had countless special moments and memories, and we both eagerly anticipate the incredible futures we each have in store. As if 2020 wasn’t already incredibly arduous and difficult for us all, we wanted to speak about this now in order to retain this energy in 2020 and avoid carrying it into 2021.

Please keep us in your prayers and respect our privacy as we deal with the reality of where we are at this time. Sincerely & Respectfully, thank you, Tyrese and Samantha Gibson.

Soraya, the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, was born in February 2017 after their wedding. Together with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell, the actor is the father of 13-year-old Shayla. In addition to the Fast and Furious series, there is also Flight of the Phoenix, Annapolis, and Transformers.

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Tyrese Doesn’t Want to Pay Spousal Support in A Divorce

As Tanya Mitchell Graham, Tyrese’s attorney probed Samantha about some of her expenses from two years ago, including $1,740 for cosmetics, things reportedly became hot in court on Monday.

Tyrese said at the court that he does not want to provide Samantha, who is 31, with spousal support and that their prenuptial agreement should be upheld. He also asked for final decision-making authority over Soraya Gibson, their three-year-old daughter, and shared physical and legal custody.

tyrese divorce

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Tyrese argued that Samantha’s request for $20k in child support per month was “unreasonably exorbitant” in court records.

The actor stated that he is ready to let Samantha have one of their SUVs, a 2017 Land Rover Discovery, even if he wants to keep their 2016 Range Rover.

In September 2020, Samantha filed for divorce from the six-time Grammy nominee, alleging that Tyrese had shut her out of the home. He has refuted the charge.

Tyrese, who is also a musician, stated at the time that “black families and marriages are under attack” and cited “being raised in broken homes with no example of what being a husband or father is” as contributing to the breakdown of his second marriage.

He added that he and Samantha, whom he first met in 2015, will “remain the best of friends and strong co-parents” in a separate statement.

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