Twitter Suspended Kanye West’s Twitter Account!

Kanye West was banned from Twitter again on Friday morning after Elon Musk said he was inciting violence, which is against Twitter’s rules.

Musk took West’s account offline and told the public why. “I did what I could. Even so, he broke our rule against encouraging violence again. “Account will be closed,” Musk wrote on Twitter. Someone had asked Musk to “fix Kanye,” so he sent the message.

I did what I could. Even so, he broke our rule against encouraging violence again. The account will be closed.

Musk didn’t say which message from West made him do what he did, but according to CNN, West had posted a picture of the star of David that had been changed from its original form.

This is just one of many things that have gone wrong for West in the past few weeks. He also got kicked off Instagram. Yahoo says that West also said that the IRS had frozen four of his bank accounts, making it impossible for him to get to his own money.

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West posted anti-Semitic things on social media after going to a fashion show in Paris wearing a shirt that said “White Lives Matter.” Because he kept making anti-Semitic comments, he lost some of his biggest business deals, including the one with Adidas for Yeezy.

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Balenciaga, a fashion house, also broke up with the rapper.

This is the second time since October that West’s Twitter page has been taken down.

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Kanye West’s Twitter account was shut down after he posted a swastika inside the Star of David.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, went on Twitter to respond to Ye’s post, which said that the troublesome Chicago artist would be banned from the bluebird platform.

In response to a user who asked Musk to “FIX KANYE PLEASE,” Musk said that the user’s post broke the site’s rules and that he would take action.

Musk said in a calm way, “I did my best.” “Even so, he broke our rule against encouraging violence again. “Your account will be closed.”

In addition to being kicked off of the popular social media app, the artist now known as Ye also lost the deal he had in October to buy the app Parler.

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CNBC said that on Thursday (Dec. 1), the right-leaning social platform said that they were ending their deal to be bought by the former billionaire.

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In a statement to CNBC, the app’s parent company said, “The company and Ye have agreed to end the plan to sell Parler.” “This decision was made in mid-November because it was good for both sides. Parler will continue to look for new ways to grow and improve the platform for our active community.

The rapper broke Twitter’s rule against inciting violence when he posted a picture that had been changed to show the Jewish Star of David next to a Nazi swastika.

Elon didn’t like it and tweeted back to Ye early on Friday… “I did what I could. Even so, he broke our rule against encouraging violence again. The account will be closed.” Kanye’s tweet was taken down quickly, and it’s not clear how long he will be banned for. Before he met Musk, in October, antisemitic comments he made caused his account to be shut down.

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Kanye’s last tweet was a picture of Elon getting hosed down by Ari Emanuel. Elon replied, “Fine,” and said, “Frankly, I found those pictures to be helpful motivation to lose weight!”

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Before his latest Twitter drama, Kanye and white nationalist Nick Fuentes were guests on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s “Infowars” show on Thursday. Ye seemed to be going crazy when they praised the Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

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Jones tried to say bad things about the Nazis during their strange conversation, but Kanye wouldn’t let him. He said, “They did good things, too.

We’re going to stop trashing the Nazis.” Before an ad break, Kanye shocked everyone by saying, “I like Hitler.”

As we’ve reported, Kanye has been on a sort of anti-Semitic campaign, which has cost him a lot of money in recent weeks as his famous friends have turned their backs on him.

He also upset former President Donald Trump when he showed up at their now-famous dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate with Fuentes and other people who hadn’t been invited.

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