Twitter Blocks Users from Sharing Mastodon Links on Social Media Platforms

Numerous different categories may be used to organize servers on Mastodon, such as the United Kingdom (UK), snooker, and security.

Twitter has disabled users’ access to the links that would take them to some of the largest servers on the internet, including the most well-known “social” channel.

In addition, Twitter users are being prevented from putting links to their Mastodon accounts within their profiles because the company considers these links to be “malware.”

There is not the slightest shred of evidence to substantiate the claim that Mastodon is infected with malware, which is software that is designed to do damage to your device.

In November, Mastodon said that it gained hundreds of thousands of members, which may be because some Twitter users are looking for alternate platforms.

The BBC has been unable to upload connections to the mastodon. social site that has the most users as well as more than ten other servers, including one that is specifically for journalists and one that is specifically for individuals in the UK.

On the other hand, not all links leading to Mastodon have been disabled, and there are workarounds available.

Because it is not a clickable link, Zoe Kleinman, the technology editor for the BBC, was able to successfully tweet a reference to her Mastodon account, which is located at [email protected].

Twitter will not allow a later effort to turn the reference into a clickable link to her Mastodon page.

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It is unclear how many Mastodon servers have been blocked on Twitter, as well as the reason for the blocking.

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Users who try to submit links to servers that have been blocked will instead receive an error notice that reads as follows: “We are unable to complete this request because Twitter or our partners have determined that this link may pose a security risk.”

Twitter has taken action against the primary account associated with its competitor, in addition to restricting specific links to Mastodon.

On Thursday, the Twitter accounts of several prominent journalists covering Twitter owner Elon Musk were unexpectedly suspended, along with the account of @joinmastodon, which promoted the website and its features.

As a result of this, the European Union has issued a warning to Mr. Musk that he may be subject to fines, with Commissioner Vera Jourova stating that the EU’s Digital Services Act mandates respect for the freedom of the media.

“That is something that Elon Musk ought to be aware of. There are lines drawn in red. And sanctions are coming,” she wrote on Twitter.

A Twitter official explained to the technology website The Verge that the live sharing of location data was the reason for Twitter’s decision to prohibit journalists.

This followed Mr. Musk’s earlier promise to file a lawsuit against the owner of a Twitter account that had been tracking his private jet. This account has likewise been closed for security reasons.

Although there has been no explanation provided for the suspension of Mastodon, there is a coincidence in timing – in the few hours before the suspension, @joinmastodon shared a link that directed users to the location on the competing social media site where they could find the person tracking Mr. Musk’s jet.

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Will Moy, chief executive officer of the nonprofit organization that checks facts known as Full Fact, stated that he was aware of “no justification” for there to be “a broad block on Mastodon.”

“It is disturbing that a vitally important social media corporation like Twitter appears to be making erratic and unaccountable decisions that affect what we can all see and share online,” he added. “Twitter’s decision-making process does not appear to be transparent.”

“If we are serious about safeguarding our democracy and acknowledging the significant influence that social media can have in influencing our democratic discussion, then we need to be serious about holding those in power accountable,” said one commentator.

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