ControversyTWICE Receives Criticism for Their Erratic Performance of "Alcohol-Free"

TWICE Receives Criticism for Their Erratic Performance of “Alcohol-Free”

TWICE’s most recent single, “Alcohol-Free,” debuted at number one on SBS’s popular music program “Inkigayo” on Sunday, June 20.

TWICE defeated Vespa and Heize with a score of 7,002 on this particular day. Member Tzuyu spoke before the girls bowed and got their awards. She thanked their company, ONCEs, fans, and staff for helping them win the music competition.

The group was seen moving about and waving at the cameras as the music started for their encore performance. Viewers speculated that the girls were anxious about singing on this encore stage since they noticed how the members appeared to awkwardly smile as they prepared to sing.

The girls’ encore performance was met with considerable anticipation because of the positive feedback they received after winning their first music show for “Alcohol-Free” on “M Countdown.”

twice more and more encore controversy

Sadly, feedback on their encore performance was negative. Notably, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon’s voices shook while singing their sections. After her segment concluded, Chaeyoung could be seen giggling.

Some members, notably Nayeon and Jihyo, received accolades for their singing, but many felt that the entire encore stage fell short. Additionally, fans brought out the fact that TWICE made its debut in 2015 and have been marketing for six years, yet its abilities do not seem to be improving.

Someone remarked about their encore performance that “their fans must be having a hard time as they have to shield the members since they cannot sing.” Many people were dissatisfied with this performance because TWICE has recently received plaudits for their live vocals.

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However, some of them also made TWO defenses. Many fans questioned why people always want perfection from the group and thought it was horrible how quick people were to condemn TWICE over trivial errors.

Others merely wished that TWICE would develop their abilities, make more money, and be content.

Here is a link to their encore performance of “Alcohol-Free” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”:

How do you feel? Do you think their encore performance was nice or disappointing? Tell us in the remarks section below!

With “Alcohol-Free,” TWICE Makes Their Much-Anticipated Comeback.

twice more and more encore controversy

On June 9, TWICE released their most recent song, “Alcohol-Free,” marking their official comeback to the music industry. The song is the first single off TWICE’s tenth mini-album, “Taste of Love,” which was released on June 11.

Hip-hop and bossa nova are combined in the upbeat summer dance track single “Alcohol-Free,” which wonderfully displays the JYP Entertainment girl group’s particular hues.

The song “Alcohol-Free” compares recollections of falling in love with references to alcoholic drinks and cocktails in its lyrics.

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The song “Alcohol-Free” has a duration of 3 minutes and 30 seconds and a pace of 97 beats per minute. The song “Alcohol-Free” is in the key of G-sharp major.

On June 9, TWICE performed “Alcohol-Free” to support the song on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Since then, the song has already won TIWCE two awards from music competitions.


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