Trying Vapes For The First Time? Here Are 7 Supplies You Should Own

Many people have been recently attracted to vaping, and each one of them has various reasons why. Some choose it to help them with smoking cessation, while others try it just because they’re curious about how it works. At the same time, some shifted to it to try different vaping tricks.

Regardless of your reason for trying to vape, it’s essential to know the supplies you must have to guarantee an excellent vaping experience. If you want to know those supplies you need to own, here’s a quick list.

Rebuilding Kit And Tools

Even if you have the supplies, you won’t be able to put everything in your vape if you don’t have a rebuilding kit and other tools. Often, these kits include wire cutters, ohm meters, brushes, screwdrivers, and other miscellaneous tools you’ll need to rebuild or replace your coil and cotton.

Some optional tools include a budder cutter, which you may need if you’re not only vaping e-juice. A budder cutter is a versatile tool that helps you manage sticky or hard-to-remove oil or wax in you. To know more information about that, check here.

Vaping Device

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If you’re using a box mod vaping device, it isn’t exactly considered a supply you should have. However, you must have a constant supply of disposable vape units if you’re into disposables. And typically, if you have disposables, you won’t need anything else but money to buy them. Otherwise, if you’re into other vaping devices, most supplies will be for your device.

Extra Batteries

Depending on how frequently or intensely you vape, the time before your device’s battery becomes empty may vary. And if your current battery runs out of juice while you’re not home, you may be forced to stop vaping. Because of that, an extra battery can help you continue.

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An extra battery can also be handy even when you’re at home. With a different pair, you can continue vaping while you charge the drained-out one. Of course, not all vapers may need to have a spare battery. After all, some devices have built batteries that you can’t replace.

You can find many types of batteries online—some even come with online reward programs. Regardless of where you purchase your batteries, it’s essential to ensure that the extra battery matches your current unit.

Battery Charger

Speaking of batteries, you should also have a battery charger. There are multiple types of chargers in the market, and they vary regarding the quickness of charging time, the number of batteries they can charge, and the extra features they have. Some have led indicators, battery status screens, and the like.

Aside from that, never forget your device’s charging cable. Nowadays, most vape units have built-in charger circuits. They allow the device to charge the battery inside them as long as you connect the charging cable to a working charger or device with a DC power output.


Bottles of e-juice are the main supply you shouldn’t easily run out of. Otherwise, if you do, you won’t be able to vape. Thankfully, it’s easy to buy bottles of e-juice online. And in a matter of days, you can easily stock up.

Depending on your consumption, it can only take a day to use up a 30ml bottle, especially if you’re a chain vaper or cloud chaser. Your consumption may even vary if your juices have high nicotine content.

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Most e-juice comes in bottles. However, if you’re using a pod unit, it will require pods containing e-juice. They’re highly convenient and a bit more economical to have in stock.


If you have a vaping device that has a rebuildable atomizer, it’s crucially important that you have spare coils with you. Before, most people had to build the coils installed on their atomizers. Nowadays, you can buy prebuilt coils that you can easily attach to your device whenever the one you’re using is too gunked up.

On the other hand, if you don’t have prebuilt coils, you can always settle for buying wires that you can coil up. There are multiple types of coils out there in the market. Be sure to know what you’re going to use or prefer.


You’ll replace your coil once in a while, but you may need to replace your cotton more frequently. The cotton or wicking material you’ll use is highly important as it’s one of the crucial supplies you should always have. After all, accidentally getting a cotton wick to break or become burnt is easy.


Those are the supplies you should always have in stock if you start vaping. Almost everything should be available whenever you use your vaping device, as not having at least one can prevent you from vaping. Thankfully, they can be easily bought online and delivered to your doorstep in a few days.



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