ControversyTrisha Paytas Is Finally Cancelled, Here Are the Receipts!

Trisha Paytas Is Finally Cancelled, Here Are the Receipts!

After a protracted, contentious career on the internet, Trisha Paytas has finally been terminated.

They are unquestionably among the most well-known online brands. They have 6.2 million TikTok followers in addition to their nearly eight million YouTube subscribers. They essentially gained their notoriety by airing their dirty laundry online, from shitposting YouTube takedown videos to flooding their TikTok with hot opinions.

In 2007, they created the “blndsundollmj” YouTube channel. While they have offered online critiques of contentious creators, they have also abused their platform. Trisha has maintained they are true of a different ethnicity ever since they began their YouTube career in 2008.

Additionally, they have circulated false information about what it’s like to have multiple personality disorders and outed their ex-boyfriend as gay. Therefore, it is time they were canceled because it is obvious they never learn when to quit talking.

The last straw was Trisha’s argument with their former Frenemies podcast co-host, Ethan Klein. After an altercation on stage and Trisha leaving the podcast, the two split up. Since then, things have gotten out of hand, and Trisha is now being terminated due to their bizarre behavior.

Trisha Paytas should have been canceled on the following occasions:

When They Produced Racial Parodies of A Japanese Pop Singer

Trisha Paytas Controversy

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Trisha invented the “Trishii” persona, who was intended to be a Japanese pop star. Trisha even produced a complete music video for the character, which was eventually taken down from their channel in response to criticism.

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It’s obvious why this is so screwed up, yet oddly enough, it isn’t regarded as one of their most contentious controversies. As soon as they put this video online, Trisha’s career ought to have ended.

On Trisha’s YouTube channel, the original “Japanese Popstar Trishii” video still has nearly 800,000 views.

Or when they revealed their ex’s homosexuality without his permission
Trisha started dating musician and dancer Sean van der Wilt in 2015. They dated till December 2016, during which time they posted films together like “Showering with my Boyfriend!”

Their split was highly contentious. He cheated. Trisha posted a video to YouTube with that title. I’m done,” where they broke up while sobbing on the kitchen floor.

Trisha posted a second video entitled “Sean Van Der Wilt is gay” after the first one. They showed Sean kissing another man in a club in this footage. This video caused Trisha a lot of anger because it publicly outed a person without their consent.

They uploaded this video to YouTube after the ordeal following their breakup with Sean, which YouTube later removed because it was deemed “embarrassing.”

They admit in the video that they are “disgusted” with themselves and that they were overcome by their feelings. In the video, Trisha said, “I’m so sorry, Sean, if you’re watching this, I’m so sorry for everything.

After learning that Sean had kissed another man in a nightclub, they apologize for “ruining” his life and say they were “humiliated,” but they wish they had just ignored everything instead of escalating the situation.

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Trisha Said They Were a “chicken Nugget” Following Their Breakup.

Trisha Paytas Controversy

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Trisha uploaded the “I’m a chicken nugget” YouTube video after being partially terminated for outing their ex-boyfriend. It has received over one million views.

I understand that having an identity crisis is frequent, but I feel like the entire movie was insensitive and minimized the real emotions that people experience when they aren’t sure of who they are.

Their “I’m Not a Person Anymore” an Online Video

Trisha posted a YouTube video titled “I’m no longer a person” in 2017—four years prior. Trisha claimed in the video that they no longer identified as Trisha, a person, or anything at all as they moved around in their underwear with a sack over their heads.

Additionally, they stated that they were moving past their troubled past as “Trish,” yet they still insisted that people should avoid buying clothing. It’s the same as before; it ignores sincere sentiments of confusion over gender identity.

Trisha Paytas Controversy

Moreover, There Is the Contentious “I Think I May Be Black” Video.

This video, “My ethnicity has shifted,” was posted by Trisha. Trisha essentially repeats all the prejudices about African Americans in the video.

Trisha had to apologize after coming out as transgender.

Trisha has a history of experiencing gender identity confusion. They posted a video titled “I am transgender (female to male)” to YouTube in August 2020.

They stated in the video that they identify as a “gay man” and that this is their true gender. Other internet content producers, like MUA Patrick Starr, asserted that this wasn’t a real video and that it was created purely for traffic. Patrick then requested that Trisha apologize to the LGBTQ+ community.

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In a 19-minute video dubbed “apology,” Trisha Paytas expressed regret for their coming out video. They stated they never intended to hurt the LGBTQ+ community but were equally overwhelmed by the volume of criticism and hostility they faced.

When they misrepresented the symptoms of dissociative identity disorder
Trisha claimed to have dissociative identity disorder (DID), also referred to as multiple personality disorder, in a separate YouTube video titled “Meet my alters.”

As soon as Trisha published false information regarding the disease and decided to self-diagnose rather than consult a mental health expert, the video drew criticism from its subscribers.

It’s time for Trisha Paytas to stop posting offensive, inappropriate, and racially insensitive material online.


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