TikTok Hashtags that Go Viral: How To Boost Your Brand!

With more than a billion monthly active users, TikTok is a social media platform that is expanding. It is well-known for being a hub for viral content, the origin of many of the fads that are propelling global product sales to record highs and boosting the visibility of a wide range of improbable firms.

So, how do you get your own brand a piece of that pie? The next step after joining TikTok is to encourage users to discover and interact with your content. The remedy? trending TikTok hashtags.

Hashtags make it easier for other TikTok users and—possibly more importantly—the algorithm to identify and classify your material. If you use them properly, your films may be promoted to more viewers who could be interested in you, reaching a wider audience and attracting more prospective ideal customers.

What are the trendiest hashtags on TikTok, though? The answer to that can fluctuate day by day, as you might expect. Fortunately, our suggestions for locating and using them don’t. Here’s all you need to know about boosting your brand’s TikTok visibility with trending hashtags from TikTok.

What Do Popular Tik Tok Hashtags Mean?

TikTok users have the opportunity to include hashtags in their posts, just like their counterparts on the social media sites Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Individuals can discover material from users and accounts they haven’t yet followed by searching for particular hashtags.

The “For You” sections on TikTok may be reached by clicking on videos from the “Discover” tab, where users can scroll through videos using popular hashtags. Since each user’s For You page is customized, the algorithm will consider factors like the hashtags used in video captions to evaluate the substance of the video and choose which users to promote it to.

Brands should therefore include hashtags in their TikTok postings to boost the likelihood that the algorithm will distribute the video across the site.

Under the “Discover” page, you can discover an updated list of popular TikTok hashtags. Trending hashtags and audios are highlighted here, and picking one of them will display all of the videos that have used that hashtag.

For instance, #Recipe (33.5Bn views) will provide you with a wide range of culinary possibilities if you’re looking for supper ideas.

While some hashtags gain popularity briefly, others do so on a constant basis. The following are a few of the TikTok hashtags with the most views and popularity:

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What Hashtags on Tik Tok Are Most Popular?

TikTok hashtags that are humorous or instructive or that link to particular groups or promote investment, cooking, or crafts Everyone can find something here.

To that end, the top hashtags on TikTok are:

  • #tiktok
  • #love
  • #like
  • #follow
  • #memes
  • #explorepage
  • #likeforlikes
  • #trending
  • #music
  • #followforfollowback
  • #explore
  • #funny
  • #meme
  • #cute
  • #art
  • #fashion
  • #likes
  • #tiktokers
  • #lfl

As you can see, the majority of the hashtags are quite general and are utilized by most TikTok users who want to share their work with a larger audience. They cannot, therefore, guarantee that the engagement they generate will be the most targeted or the most beneficial to brands.

trending hashtags on tiktok

While some of these hashtags may increase the number of views on your videos, it is far better for your brand if you choose hashtags that focus your posts more specifically on a smaller group of users who are more likely to be interested in your unique brand offerings.

Finding the ideal hashtags to effectively market your TikTok content is crucial since standing out from the crowd is critical for success.

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The Best Ways to Choose Hashtags for Your Tik Tok Videos

The ideal hashtags for your TikTok videos can be found by using one of the many TikTok hashtag generators available online, according to a lot of advice available to marketers. However, compared to actual hashtag research, this approach is much less likely to result in the interaction your company is after. How then do you carry out in-depth hashtag research?

It takes more than just listing the tags that are currently at the top of the lists to find the ideal hashtags for your TikTok videos.

You need to decide where you want the TikTok content you create to land in order to get the best results. These 3 pointers will help you get the most out of your TikTok hashtags:

1. Identify the Target Audience.

Narrowing down your target audience is essential to determining the proper hashtags you’ll need to reach them given TikTok’s enormous user base (20% of all internet users worldwide use it).

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Even while both activities have distinct hashtags that are well-liked on the platform, the top TikTok hashtags for music and cookery content are not the same.

Communities can be created on TikTok around hashtags. In an end-of-year review, the platform itself recognized some of these hashtag communities that were most popular, mentioning #OlympicTikTok, #BookTok, and #ZodiacTikTok among its top discoveries.

Start with a general search to learn which hashtags your target audience is probably going to look through. Search #Tech, for instance, if your business is in technology.

After that, have a look at the additional hashtags that the top-ranking videos are utilizing in addition to the catch-all phrase. Soon, you’ll be able to locate certain hashtags that speak to more specialized audiences that are also more engaged.

trending hashtags on tiktok

For additional posts about technology, visit the hashtags #TechReview, #LearnOnTikTok, and #OfficeLife.

What’s coming up? Participate in the material you encounter. The algorithm behind TikTok is carefully honed to react to the content that you like, comment on, or revisit. So start being more active as a watcher.

Soon enough, TikTok’s recommendation engine will show you more content related to your subject; as soon as these videos start to appear, look at the hashtags they employ. You must include these hashtags in your list.

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2. Stay on Top of The Competition

It’s a good idea to look for your competitors while looking for the TikTok trends and hashtags that are secret but generate the most views. There’s a good chance that they’ll post content that is comparable to your own, and if they’ve posted a successful video, looking up the hashtags they used will help you figure out how to best promote your own content.

Getting your content in front of these consumers is essential since users who interact favorably with your competition are also likely to be interested in your brand.

3. Design a Recognizable Hashtag

Branded hashtag creation is one powerful marketing strategy available to businesses on TikTok.

To organize all of your posts around a particular topic, you may simply create these hashtags. If you utilize it regularly, users will be able to find all of your pertinent postings in one spot and may even participate.

The hashtag #LiveInLevis from the clothing company Levi’s is an illustration of a successful brand. Incorporating their brand name inside the hashtag increases brand exposure and makes it simple for consumers to join in and use it in their own postings.

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The hashtag currently has over 557M views, and the majority of the posts under it are original material shared by the brand’s followers.

An excellent strategy to promote engagement with your brand is to run a hashtag challenge. Users are encouraged to participate and publish their own content in response to a theme they choose through hashtag challenges. It’s a fantastic approach to building up a repository for user-generated content, and it can promote the use of your company’s hashtag.

Additionally, there’s a potential that your hashtag challenge will gain popularity.

We have a rundown of branded hashtags here if you’re interested in learning more.

Using Hashtags on Tik Tok

New trends appear daily on TikTok, which is continuously changing. Using some of the more common hashtags is a smart place to start, but for the best outcomes, pay attention to the Discover tab and engage with the trending TikTok hashtags that are mentioned there.

Even better: subscribe to our newsletter or get in touch with us. Thanks to our own internal social listening tool, which allows us to identify key hashtags before they become popular, we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to TikTok trends.

Prior to anybody else seeing them, we may suggest the best ones for your brand and advise you when to post. Visit this page about our Bytesized tool to learn more about how we accomplish this.

To increase viewership on the TikTok app, hashtags can be a terrific tool, but they’re a promotional tool, so your content must be interesting for your hashtag efforts to be successful. Keep this in mind as you develop your entire TikTok marketing plan.

Brands looking to create a successful TikTok strategy should be sure to abide by the platform’s two tenets: remaining authentic and participating in the community. Hashtags can get you there, but they’re just one step in the process of becoming a successful TikTok user.

Contact us if you want to discuss working with TikTok influencers and growing your TikTok account as well as how to develop a successful social media marketing strategy on TikTok.

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