Traditional Board Games That Have Moved Online

Online games are now a common form of entertainment globally. Trusted studies suggest that over 1.6 billion people play games online around the world.

It is a growing industry too. As more and more people access games on their mobile phones, the market grows.

The internet, and our connectivity makes it possible to play games that were once only available offline. Now, even if you’re sitting in Tokyo and your friend is in San Francisco, you can play together online.

A brief history of board games

Board games have always been popular. Named because of the use of a board when they are played, they are normally multiplayer games.

It’s suggested by historians that we had board games before we even began writing language down. That may be shocking, but we communicated mostly verbally then, while the love of games endures.

These include:

  • Chess
  • Catan
  • Cluedo
  • Monopoly
  • Trivial Pursuit

Once you needed a place to play, and to arrange a time/date where everyone was free to play. These arrangements are fine when people have few responsibilities, but harder when:

  • Work
  • Studies
  • Child-rearing
  • Housework

And other things come into play.

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Moving from land to digital

The good news is that now, even if someone is lying in their bed ill, they can still play. This is because many traditional board games have moved online.

Going online also opens up other opportunities:

  1. You can have an online games night for your team members at work

This saves anyone coming to your house and means you don’t have to prepare food.

  1. Host a family games night
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No matter where your family members are, you can all get together on Zoom to play a game together.

When did board games move online? The earliest example is chess, a game which you can play against your computer for several decades now.

However, 21st century online board games are much more sophisticated, with many player options.

Which board games are available online?

Board games had a popularity surge around a decade ago, but game developers were already working on versions online.

The appetite for games is so great that both online and offline complement each other. In fact, many people who play games now do so in both formats.

So which board games have successfully moved online?

  1. Monopoly

The family favorite has its origins in the early 20th Century. However, it was packaged and marketed by Parker Brothers in 1935.

If you’re not familiar with the premise, different versions are based on different countries or cities, i.e.

  • London
  • New York
  • Dusseldorf
  • Avignon
  • Las Vegas

You move around the board buying deeds, building properties and charging rent to other players. Certain squares have higher values and are quite coveted.

Since 2015, Monopoly has been available in an online format, allowing players around the world to connect and play the classic boardgame online.

One of the advantages of playing Monopoly online is that you don’t have to look for all the pieces. Nor do you have to spend time counting money for each player or setting up.

The classic version has also been adapted into other online formats with Monopoly themed casino games being a popular choice. There are now casino games such as slots, poker and roulette based around the Monopoly theme. Monopoly casino currently has a promotion of spend £10, earn 30 free spins on their game Monopoly Paradise mansion, a great incentive for any players who want to trial out Monopoly themed casino games.

  1. Checkers
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A simple game that requires very little skill, you can play checkers with your friends by sharing a link. There’s a chat function too, so you can pass the time there while you play.

Checkers is played on a board with black and white squares, which resembles a chess board. Players use a set of colored discs, which are placed on the twelve squares in front of them.

Playing online allows you to save. You don’t need to leave a board set up, or worry about someone moving your pieces!

  1. Risk

The world-domination game is available free online. You can play:

  • With your friends
  • Against the app (computer-generated players)
  • Against strangers

You can even form pacts and make in-game premium purchases to elevate your chances of winning.

Risk can be played in different ways on and offline. You can play quests, where you have to achieve certain things, such as:

  • Conquer the continent of Asia and South America
  • Eliminate all the blue armies

Or you can play for total world domination. Whether you’re playing on or offline, be prepared to invest a few hours for this.

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  1. Scattergories

A word game where you start with a particular letter, Scattergories is a lot of fun to play with anyone.

The traditional game setup includes:

  • A timer
  • Lists (paper)
  • A letter die
  • Secrecy folders

Online you don’t need these and you get a random letter generator, and great news lists of categories. There are prompts available in several languages so you can even use to improve your:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Or many other languages.

Advantages of moving online

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As discussed above there are many reasons why playing online has its advantages.

  1. You can meet new friends through a game you like
  2. Ease and convenience – no set up
  3. The opportunity to try new games without having to go out and buy them

One other brilliant advantage is that game developers keep finding ways to keep things interesting. Not only can you play the board game you love online, but you can also have many new options.

Developers have begun making board game spin-offs and integrating them into casino games. This means you can play Monopoly-themed slots, and card word games.

New board games have even been created online, without even having a 3D version.

Playing board games online brings enjoyment for all ages. The fact that we can play our favorites from childhood online is a bonus.

As more and more games are released, board games will continue to have a place in the hearts of players.





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