Top 10 Pokémon Go Cheats in 2022: Everyone Want to Know

It is impossible to find someone who did not grow up with a Pokémon fixation, even if it was minimal. What began as a Nintendo video game blossomed into an entire series consisting of video games, cartoons, and films.

Since we were never able to play Pokémon video games, the majority of Pokémon fans’ introduction to the Pokémon universe was through animated works. As a result, Nintendo’s announcement of Pokémon GO, a smartphone version of the game, was met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Do we not all recall the 2016 release of Pokémon GO? People are still searching for Pokémon GO cheats in 2022 due to their widespread popularity. Ultimately, why should we not advance in the game if we can utilize a few little cheats? In this post, we will examine the top 10 Pokémon GO frauds of 2022.

Top ten Pokémon Go hacks for 2022

1. Faux-Out Your Location

Pokémon GO is the type of augmented reality game that requires you to go along the street and even cross a river to capture Pokémon. A Pokémon may exist anywhere. Throughout the duration of your commute to work, in the vicinity of your home and school, etc.

However, there are times when we do not feel like getting dressed and going for a walk. Other times, it is preferable to lie about where you are rather than taking a chance. Location spoofing is the resolution. You can enlist the aid of a third party to conceal your whereabouts in the game. Thus, while the game’s trainer captures a Dragonite, you may be relaxing in bed.

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Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022

2. Observe the Weather Forecast

Do you know where wild Pokémon can be found in the neighborhood of the forests? The same may be said for the weather. Depending on the weather, you may encounter a variety of Pokémon species. Obtaining additional stardust is more likely if you are able to capture Pokémon species that are optimally matched to the conditions of the day.

For example, capturing a Chimecho on a windy day would provide 1,250 stardust instead of the standard 1,000.

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3. Uncheck Ar

Undoubtedly, playing an AR-enabled game is entertaining. Half of the reason we enjoy playing the game is that we can use our phones to see Pokémon emerge in unexpected places, such as on top of a wall. However, it can be unpleasant for others to watch you walking down the street with your smartphone camera pointed at them.

If the AR feature is deactivated, the view will shift to a grassy area with the Pokémon seated in the middle. They may wander, making it tough to capture them, but at least you’re not fumbling with your phone and risking being hit by traffic.

4 Select Pickachu as Your Starting Pokemon.

This cheat is for those who are playing Pokémon GO for the first time and are sophisticated enough to recognize and avoid cheats. Ignore everyone on-screen except your starter Pokémon until Pikachu arrives. As a result of his relationship with Nintendo and Pokémon, Pikachu naturally favors the player and Pokémon.

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Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022

5. Pick Your Defender Wisely

When you discover a vacant gym, you can protect it by leaving your Pokémon there. Choose the Pokémon with the second-highest CP because your fighter will remain there permanently.

6. Discover Unknown Statistics

Since you’re playing a Pokémon-catching game, you must capture all of them. Nevertheless, there are times when sacrifice is necessary. Certain Pokémon have a low IV but a high HP and CP. These IV values determine the development rate of Pokémon. This hidden statistic deserves the majority of your emphasis.

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7. Choose the Right Egg to Hatch

You must acquire an incubator for the Pokémon eggs you just got from a PokéStop in order to begin exploring. Before these eggs hatch, you must journey for kilometers. If you acquire an egg that requires a 10k (Kilometer) walk to hatch, you are certain to obtain a Pokémon with strong stats. 5 kilometers of walking will result in a Cubone-like buddy. With a 2kone, you may obtain a low-level, conventional fighter.

Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022

8. Utilize a Number of Poké Ball Techniques.

The vast majority of individuals assume that capturing a Pokémon involves throwing the Poké Ball at it. Consequently, the challenge is to decide who is ber. However, the truth is that you may influence the capturing procedure.

It merely requires a curveball from the player. If you are unfamiliar with the word, a curveball occurs when the Poké Ball follows a curved path before reaching the Pokémon. In addition to the Pokémon you capture, you will also gain various XP bonuses. XP can be used to level up trainers in games. If a trainer’s XP is high, they will encounter Pokémon with higher CP levels more frequently.

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9. Transfer the Pokemon.

PokeStorage allows you to keep track of all Pokémon you’ve ever captured. Have you observed that some Pokémon have weak stats that you will almost definitely never use in combat? Given your limited storage capacity, it is not prudent to keep them. Additionally, if you later encounter a Pokémon with high stats, your PokeStorage may be too full for you to capture it.

Consequently, you may sometimes have to transfer a Pokémon with poor stats. Simply click on the Pokémon within the PokeStorage, evaluate its stats, and then press the transfer button. In exchange for trading your Pokémon, you will earn 1 candy. You can use this sweet to help your surviving Pokémon gain strength.

10 Investigate the Motions

Multiples of the same Pokémon may be owned by multiple players. Eliminating players who are not long-term assets for the game is essential. How do we accomplish this objective?

A player may focus on one of the two elements available. It might be either the moves or the CP (Combat Power). What capture has the highest CP? Even though one has a higher CP, it is possible that the other has more powerful moves. Then, you should prioritize Pokémon whose move statistics are ber. Each Pokémon has its own set of moves and can gain CP points.

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