Toni Collette Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Relationship, Awards & More

Australia’s best-known personalities include Toni Collette. She has accomplished many milestones in her career and had great success.
She has a recognizably positive personality. There is no need for an introduction because their name speaks for itself. In addition to discussing Toni Collette’s net worth in this post, we’ll also take a closer look at their life.

Toni Collette Overview

Name Toni Collette
Profession Australian actress
Date of Birth November 1, 1972
Age 50 years old
Height 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Net Worth $18 million

Toni Collette Net Worth 2023

Toni Collette is a well-known celebrity with an estimated $18 million net worth in addition to her name recognition and notoriety. Toni Collette has amassed considerable riches over the course of a successful career. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, among other internet resources, estimate that a professional celebrity has a net worth of about $18 million. The different homes, properties, cars, and other vehicles, as well as a person’s lifetime earnings, savings, and investments, are all included in their net worth. She is a skilled professional who is always in demand.

Early life

On November 1, 1972, Toni Collette was born in Sydney, Australia. Collette was raised in the Glebe and Blacktown suburbs in a low-income family. Toni loved tap dance, swimming, and netball as a child. She also developed a love for singing early on and participated in school plays.

It was obvious that Toni would pursue acting when she turned 16 years old. She changed theaters and concentrated solely on drama at the Australian Theatre for Young People. She was admitted to the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1991, but she left after her first year to take part in a significant theater role.


Collette started her television career in 1988 with a role on the show “Blah Blah Blah,” and since then, she has been on shows like “A Country Practice” and in a variety of theater performances. She made her acting debut in the 1992 comedy “Spotswood.” Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins were additional cast members. In 1994, Toni released “Muriel’s Wedding,” a movie that was financially successful and brought in over $57 million at the box office.

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Collette had appearances in movies like “Cosi,” “Lilian’s Tale,” and “Emma” in 1996. She received a great deal of appreciation from critics for all three. Following her role in “Clockwatchers,” Toni starred in “Velvet Goldmine,” a movie that went on to become a cult favorite. In 1999, Collette made a significant advancement when she was cast in a pivotal role in “The Sixth Sense.” Toni received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and the film earned over $670 million.

Before moving on to “Shaft,” “Dinner with Friends,” “The Hours,” and “About a Boy,” Toni starred in “The Wild Party” in 2000. Critics praised her performances for the most part. She played a significant role in “Japanese Tale” in 2003, and she also acted in “Little Miss Sunshine” in 2006. Before making the switch to television with shows like “United States of Tara,” Collette appeared in a number of independent movies. She returned to acting in films by the end of the 2000s, appearing in “Jesus, Henry, Christ” and “Fright Night.”

Collette returned to independent films during the following few years, and in 2015 she had an appearance in the horror film “Krampus.” She costarred with Daniel Radcliffe in “Imperium” the following year, and then she starred in “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage” the following year. She garnered high praise for her portrayal in the well-liked horror movie “Hereditary” in 2018. “Knives Out,” a film with a stellar cast and starring Collette, was yet another hit.
She began to appear in the Netflix miniseries “Unbelievable” in 2019, which quickly rose to the top of the network’s most popular shows. Following her appearance in the 2020 movie “Dream Horse,” Toni was confirmed to star in several upcoming Netflix movies.

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On the set of “Velvet Goldmine,” Toni met actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, with whom she had one of her earliest and most well-known romances. They started dating in 1997 and dated for a year. Collette began dating the well-known drummer Dave Galafassi from the band Gelbison in 2002. The couple wed in a customary Bhuddist ceremony in 2003. They have had two children together over the course of their relationship. Over the years, the family has resided in both Sydney and Los Angeles.

Real Estate

Colette and her husband paid $5 million AUD in 2004 for a residence in Sydney, Australia’s wealthy Bellevue Hill district. According to rumors from 2009, Collette was asking 6.5 million Australian dollars for this home. The 5-bedroom house is built in the Spanish architectural style, and it is close to Bondi Beach and the heart of Sydney. Sydney Harbor is visible from balconies, as is a courtyard terrace. Also, Toni and her husband bought a different property in Sydney back in 2003, which they later sold for $1.6 million.

Toni Collette reportedly purchased another property in Sydney in 2011. She invested $6 million in a five-bedroom Victorian-style house in the Paddington district. She had just spent $5.5 million on a home in neighboring Bronte at that point. After making this purchase, the couple concluded that the modifications they had in mind would be far too expensive to be realistic, leading them to decide to relocate to Paddington. This Paddington home, which some outlets have referred to as “palatial,” allowed Toni and her husband to move in without having to worry about modifications.

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Yet this real estate story had one more unexpected turn. Collette and Galafassi backed out of the agreement when the time came to make the final payment and take possession of their new Paddington house. They merely lacked the funds. Everyone in the real estate industry will tell you that there is justification for legal action, and the sellers took legal action against Collette and her husband. These sellers sued Collette for more than $800,000 in damages despite being able to sell their house for a lower price of $5.5 million two years later. Collette was still required to pay $600,000 in damages to the sellers, notwithstanding the Court of Appeal’s $200,000 reduction in the cost. Toni finally succeeded in selling her Bronte house for $5.75 million in an off-market transaction in 2015.
Toni Collette listed her Los Angeles residence for $1.325 million back in 2012. Toni and her husband had paid $1.33 million for the house just 18 months ago; therefore, this property represented a net loss for them. Three bedrooms, a detached pool house, and French doors are included in the 2,136 square feet of property.

Toni Collette Awards

Toni Collette has received numerous honors during the course of her career. Her notable accolades include:

  • “The Sixth Sense” received an Oscar Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
  • Best Supporting Actress BAFTA Award for “The Sixth Sense”
  • Golden Globe Award nomination for “Muriel’s Wedding” and “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.”
  • The United States of Tara won the Emmy for best lead actress in a comedy series.
  • The United States of Tara won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series.
  • “Hereditary” wins the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actress.

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