IllnessAfter Diabetes Diagnosis, Tom Hanks Felt Like "A Total Idiot"!

After Diabetes Diagnosis, Tom Hanks Felt Like “A Total Idiot”!

Health concerns for Tom Hanks following his inability to control his shaking hand at the Elvis premiere. Tom Hanks’ battle to maintain control of his trembling arm during Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis premiere has raised concerns for his health.

Quick Details on Tom Hanks:

Name Tom Hanks
Full Name Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
Net Worth $400 Million
Date of Birth 9 July 1956
Age 66 Years Old


Hanks, 65, portrays Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager, in the much-awaited new movie.

A disturbing video of Hanks speaking to an audience at the event while attempting to keep his hand from shaking has surfaced online.

Hanks added, holding the microphone in his right hand, “There is no greater setting in the world to make a motion picture than right here on the Gold Coast.

“I have filmed in Berlin, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Morocco.

“What does the Gold Coast have that none of them do?

Just two. None of those other cities have a Dan Murphy (alcohol store).

What an amazing man I got to know well.

As he held the microphone at this time, Hanks could be seen attempting to control the shaking in his right hand.

After switching the microphone to his left hand and shoving his right hand inside his pocket, he placed his left hand over his right hand.

He continued, “We had an absolutely wonderful day with you guys.

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Everyone on the Gold Coast walks around with a confident expression on their face because of something about the locals and the environment there.

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“We contributed to that.

“Our movie captures your self-assurance, enthusiasm, and zest for life.

With Baz Luhrmann, you have a wonderful, proactive golden child who loves Australia more than Dan Murphy and kangaroos.

After the incident was captured on camera, speculation over what was making Hanks’ handshake erupted on Twitter.

“Oh, please let it not just be nerves and adrenaline!

” one person wrote.

“I recently saw him on television and thought he appeared to be really slim. Another one remarked, “Hope he’s okay.

A third remarked, “He does seem to have aged all of a sudden — lost weight.”

He has diabetes. When my mother has low blood sugar, this happens,” a different person added.

Tom Hanks Has Type 2 Diabetes

Hanks has just shed a significant amount of weight while having type 2 diabetes.

He described how his doctor first informed him that he had diabetes in a 2013 interview with David Letterman.

“I visited the doctor, who informed me that I had been battling with excessive blood sugar levels since I was 36. Well, you’ve earned a degree! Young man, you have type 2 diabetes,” he stated.

I can’t possibly weigh [what I weighed in high school], thus I’m going to develop type 2 diabetes.

Hanks claimed in a recent interview with Radio Times that after being diagnosed with diabetes, he was told to reduce weight.

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I belong to the American generation that has been naively dancing through the party and now has a disease, he claimed.

I weighed a lot. You have seen me in movies, therefore you are familiar with my appearance. I was a complete moron.

I reasoned that by taking the buns off of my cheeseburgers, I might prevent it.

Tom Hanks Has COVID-19

At the start of the Elvis filming in 2020, Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson caught COVID-19 and had to spend time in seclusion at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Hanks regularly updated his followers on social media on their health.

In March 2020, Hanks posted on Instagram, “(Rita) and I want to thank everyone here Down Under who are taking such good care of us.”

“We have COVID-19 and are sequestered so that we do not infect anyone else.

For certain people, it might cause a very dangerous sickness.

“We’re taking things day by day.

There are things we can all do to get through this by doing what experts say and taking care of each other and ourselves, don’t you think?

The two-time Oscar winner claimed that he and Wilson had “body aches” and was exhausted.

Rita experienced sporadic chills. As well as slight fevers, Hanks wrote.

We had coronavirus testing done to “play things straight, as is needed in the world right now, and were discovered to be positive.”

Hanks claimed that even after recovering from COVID, he continued to suffer from several incapacitating side effects, such as persistent physical aches.

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Hanks has already returned to the US following a whirlwind of promotional activity for Elvis in Australia.

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Tom Hanks Has Looked Thin at Recent Events

Fans have been worried about the actor in addition to his shaky hands since he has recently attended multiple events relating to Elvis appearing shockingly emaciated.

Tom’s weight has changed throughout his career, but some people were worried that his recent body transformation might be a sign of unspoken health difficulties.


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