Is Tom Brady Divorcing His Wife? Fact-Checking Rumors’ in The Media

One of the most well-known couples in the world is Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, but current rumors claim that the world’s best football player and the most well-known model are on the verge of divorcing.

Despite being two of the most well-known individuals in the world, Brady and Bundchen struggle with personal issues just like everyone else. However, this also makes room for untrue rumors. Let’s dispel these rumors to determine whether there is any truth to the tabloid reports that the renowned couple is getting a divorce.

Rumors of A Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Divorce Are Untrue.

We must go back to April 2020, when Tom Brady spoke on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show, in order to begin addressing these claims. Brady disclosed that despite having some issues in their marriage years ago, he and Gisele never discussed divorce during that presentation.

tom brady gisele divorce

Brady said that Gisele wrote him a letter in which she expressed her displeasure that he would spend the entire NFL season away from home and that, after the season, he would concentrate on other business endeavors, leaving her wife and the household alone. He claimed that Bundchen realized she wasn’t content with the marriage after receiving the letter.

But they were able to work things out, and as of right now, they are still together. These cases never discussed divorce. False information has been spread regarding Brady and Gisele’s relationship.

Gossip Cop, a website that disproves rumors, thinks Brady’s name was employed to spread an untrue claim. The quarterback and the Buccaneers had just won the Super Bowl. His name was therefore popular and would get lots of clicks.

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In 2015, Tom Brady Addressed Rumors of His Divorce.

Brady addressed the same divorce rumors six years prior in a radio interview. He and his wife are in a terrific position, he told Boston’s WEEI 93.7 FM.

“I’m a fortunate man. She is undoubtedly the biggest supporter I have, but my family has also been a blessing in providing me with support, added Brady. I consider myself really fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with my life partner, and I don’t believe anything will ever stand in the way of that.

Following the Deflategate affair in 2015, there were several rumors concerning the couple’s relationship, although Brady was quick to refute any issues.

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Timeline of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Late in 2006, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen began dating. They were together for the previous twelve years before getting married in late February 2009.

Through a mutual friend, the pair went on a blind date. In several of Brady’s games, Gisele can be seen cheering him on. Their photo together in Super Bowl LV following Tampa Bay’s victory was one of the cutest moments of the 2020 campaign.

Only two of Brady’s three sons—Benjamin Rein, born in December 2009, and Vivian Lake, born in December 2012—have Gisele as their mother. John Moynahan, Brady’s second child, was born in August 2007. Bridget Moynahan, an actress, is his mother.

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