Tom Brady Dragged Into Kanye West Feud

It seems these days that Kanye West is almost as well known for his beef as for his beats. The main target of his ire in the earlier part of the year was his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. The two started seeing each other in late 2021, and the rapper made his displeasure known, calling out the Saturday Night Live star multiple times via both social media and the mainstream press. Most worrying was the video for his song Eazy, which in March 2022 showed West (in claymation form) decapitating and burying Davidson. Kim and Pete split last month. Kanye marked the occasion by posting a mockup New York Times cover announcing “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT 28” on his Instagram account. He removed the post four hours later.


Since then, all quiet on the West(ern) front. Until a few days ago, when Tom Brady unwittingly inserted himself into the drama. West posted on Instagram that the only venture capital firm he likes is Andreessen Horowitz and Cyrus Venture Partners, under a picture of the firm’s founder Ben Horowitz. Brady popped into the comments simply to say “Andreessen Horowitz” alongside three 100 emojis. Understandably, the NFL star is a big fan of the VC firm – Business Insider reports they led the funding drive for his Autograph range of NFTs and managed to raise in excess of $170m.

However, for reasons known best (and likely only) to himself, Kanye took that as being the launchpad for another attack on Davidson. He wrote, “Tom Brady in the comments it’s up. He must hate Skete too Leave him aloooooone,” He then went on to dismiss fellow rapper Kid Cudi, saying “nobody knows who he is” and called out the board of his fashion collaborators Adidas. The post lasted only a few hours on Instagram before West deleted it. As far as knows, Tom Brady has never met Pete Davidson.

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Football focus

If this is the first time Brady has popped into Kanye’s socials, it may also be the last. In a sport that’s no stranger to scandal, he’s worked hard to keep his image as the corn-fed all-American hero. As the NFL springs back into action, internet drama is the last thing he needs. Having pledged to retire at the end of last year, he reneged five weeks into the offseason and will start the 2022 season as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback at the age of 45. On the football front, all is well in TB12’s garden. With arguably the league’s finest receiving corps of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Julio Jones to aim for, and an improved defense after the pickup of Akiem Hicks, it’s little wonder that the Coral NFL betting odds have the Bucs as overwhelming favorites to take their NFC South division. They’re highly fancied to go the full distance and repeat their Super Bowl triumph of 2020 when Brady overcame Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. He may finally retire should he break his own record and take his eighth Super Bowl.

His legendary career, however, may have caused some issues at home. Choresearch has previously covered his marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, addressing rumors that they may be set to divorce. Reports again indicate she’s less than overjoyed about Tom extending his career for another campaign and spending yet more time away from her and their two children. Will he be calling Kanye for marriage guidance? Don’t bet on it.

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