Todd Boehly Net worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, members list & More

One of the wealthiest owners in the English Premier League is Todd Boehly. Find out his estimated net worth as well as that of his consortium members in 2023.

Todd Boehly, an American entrepreneur and investor, is best known as the founder and owner of Premier League soccer team Chelsea.Roman Abramovic, a Russian-Israeli businessman who bought the club in 2003, previously held ownership of it. After winning 21 titles under Abramovic, Chelsea broke the 19-year rule, and under new owner Todd Boehly, they will now attempt to repeat that feat.

Chelsea FC owner Todd Boehly consortium combined net worth in 2023 and members list

Todd Boehly and his consortium, which included Hansjord Wyss, Mark Walter, and the Clearlake Capital Group administered by L.P., took ownership of the Chelsea football club. The Premier League and the UK government both approved Todd Boehly’s £ 4.25 billion purchase of Chelsea.In this article, we’ll examine Todd Boehly’s net worth as well as the identities and wealth of the other members of his consortium.

What is Todd Boehly net worth in 2023?

One of the richest owners in the Premier League and the football industry is Todd Boehly. Chelsea is well-known for being the club’s ownerand the football industry is Todd Boehly. Chelsea is well-known for being the club’s owner. His estimated $4.5 billion net worth in 2023 places him among the 700 richest people on the planet, according to Forbes. Boehly began his career as the head of Guggenheim Partners before co-founding the investment firm Eldridge Industries in 2015.
Boehly visited Security Benefit to spy on a company and later acquired assets from Guggenheim. Guggenheim also assisted Boehly in establishing his own business, Eldridge, which today controls a variety of properties, including the Hollywood Reporter, Draftkings, and more. In addition, Boehly owns a small portion of both the MLB franchise Los Angeles Dodgers and the NBA team Los Angeles Lakers, both of which are situated in the US.

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Who are Todd Boehly’s consortium members, and how much is their net worth?

The group led by Todd Boehly consists of him as chairman and CEO of Eldridge and Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. The consortium also includes Mark Walter, CEO of Guggenheim Capital, and Hansjorg Wyss, founder of the Wyss Foundation. Hansjorg Wyss’ net worth is estimated to be around $5.3 billion, whereas Mark Walter’s net worth is estimated to be $5.3 billion, with assets under his investment company, Guggenheim Capital, valued at more than $300 billion.

The total wealth of the Boehly consortium is thought to be over $10.8 billion.

Todd Boehly Biography

Todd Boehly, a husband and father of three named Nick, Zachary, and Clayton, was born on September 20, 1973.
Todd was able to attend Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland, and graduate in 1991 thanks to the fact that his ancestors were German immigrants.
The school’s wrestling team won back-to-back I.A.C. championships while Boehly was a student there. Five years later, the American was obtaining a certificate from the London School of Economics, this time in finance.
Boehly later began his career in finance by working for Citibank and Credit Suisse First Boston.


Boehly formerly worked at Credit Suisse First Boston before joining J.H. Whitney & Company.

He joined Guggenheim Partners in 2001 and worked to establish the company’s credit investing segment. He was appointed company president and in charge of the asset management division.

Boehly was the driving force behind the early 2013 agreement between Time Warner Cable and the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, which led to the establishment of SportsNet LA, a local network devoted to broadcasting Dodgers games and other programming.

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The broadcasts from the team-owned network made their debut during the 2014 baseball season.

Boehly acquired The Hollywood Reporter, Dick Clark Productions, and Security Benefit in 2015 to launch Eldridge, a private holding company that invests across industries. Boehly had previously acquired all three companies while at Guggenheim.

In addition to Greenwich, Eldridge has outposts in New York City, London, and Beverly Hills.

Boehly is a director for Cain International, Kennedy Wilson, PayActiv, Vivid Seats, Viral Nation, Accelerant, CAIS, Horizon Acquisition I, and Horizon Acquisition II.

Todd Boehly has a $4.5 billion net worth.

He had been a board member of Truebill before he quit. Security Benefit Life Insurance and SE2, a technology platform for the insurance sector, are both under the management of Eldridge, Boehly’s business. He made investments in Clearcover Insurance and DPL Financial Advisors, a network of registered investment advisors, while serving as CEO, chairman, and founder of Eldridge. Cain International, one of his ventures, is a partnership between Eldridge, Kennedy Wilson, and Langdon Park Capital.

He was a founding member of Blackbrook Capital, a company that makes investments in European real estate.

What American football team does Todd Boehly own?

The co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is Todd Boehly. The Los Angeles Dodgers are a Los Angeles-based American baseball franchise. The National League (NL) West division is where the Dodgers participate in Major League Baseball (MLB).

How did Todd Boehly become a billionaire?

Boehly joined Guggenheim Partners in 2001 after gaining enough experience in his entry-level roles. At this point, the billionaire started the company’s credit investment division, assumed control of the asset management division, and was appointed president of the corporation.

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What companies does Todd Boehly own?

Boehly is the Chairman of Penske Media, which owns The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Music Business Worldwide, Life is Beautiful, and the investment in South by Southwest. He is also the Chairman of Dick Clark Productions, A24, Fulwell 73, and Penske Media.

What percentage of Chelsea does Todd Boehly own?

He is said to own 20% of the team.In 2013, Boehly made headlines by brokering a significant agreement between Time Warner Cable and the Dodgers to launch SportsNet LA, a local network that will air all LA Dodgers content.

How much did Chelsea sell to Todd Boehly?

The 4.25 billion pound ($5.2 billion) Chelsea proposal made by Boehly and his friends was accepted in May, and the Premier League, the UK government, and the EU duly approved the agreement.

What nationality is Todd Boehly?

American investor and businessman Todd Boehly Eldridge Industries, a holding corporation with its headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut, is a company he co-founded and for which he serves as chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling member.

He is the interim CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as well as a co-owner and chairman of Premier League football club Chelsea.

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