DivorceHelena Bonham Carter And Tim Burton Split: The Real Reason!

Helena Bonham Carter And Tim Burton Split: The Real Reason!

After 13 years, two children, and several motion pictures together, actor Helena Bonham Carter and director Tim Burton announced their separation in 2014, according to Vanity Fair. Despite being romantically linked, their relationship was problematic, to say the least, as they never got married and resided in close proximity to one another.

But because of BBC America, their eccentric way of life paved the way for some of Hollywood’s most cherished movies, such as Planet of the Apes, Sweeney Todd, and Alice in Wonderland. Their conjoined twin residences, according to Bonham Carter, are a reference to their appreciation of “personal space” inside their relationship.

tim burton helena bonham carter split

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She explained to The Telegraph in 2010 that “we just have two houses knocked together since mine was too small.” We spend as much time together as any other couple, but knowing we each have a private spot to withdraw to strengthens our bond.

She continued by mentioning Burton’s snoring as an additional factor in their decision to live apart. She continued, “Tim does snore, and that’s an element. “Numerous unsuccessful treatments have been tried by us. He has a deviated septum and is opposed to surgery.”

But in December 2014, the pair said in a statement that they had “split peacefully and have remained friends and co-parent their children,” according to a spokesman for Bonham Carter. Before the star broke her silence the following year, they both kept mum regarding the cause of their breakup.

tim burton helena bonham carter split

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Thesis on Helena Bonham Carter’s Breakup from Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter made the decision to disclose the “thesis” of why she and Tim Burton broke up nine months after initially disclosing their split.

She said to Red in September 2015, “Our relationship was always a little special, and I think it’ll always be special. While successfully cohabitating two residences in London, the couple welcomed their children, Bill Raymond Burton and Nell Burton.

“We did locate one another. And frankly, whether you stay together forever shouldn’t be the sign of a successful relationship, “Added she. “Sometimes a relationship isn’t intended to last forever. You occasionally have to accept the truth that that was it.”

Their 13-year courtship, which resulted in “children and a lot more stuff,” was described by her as a “huge gift.” We might be better and still be able to help each other, but not necessarily by living together, she said.

In addition, Bonham Carter said, “[W]e did by the way because everyone seemed to think we didn’t, but it was a load of myth,” in response to the long-standing claims that they didn’t live together.

Despite the fact that the two had never been wed, she equated their breakup to a divorce. “You experience intense grief when you get divorced because it means the end of a relationship.

Everything, even your identity, changes “In 2016, she spoke to The Standard. But she acknowledged that she was able to rediscover herself because of the “very little effort” she took to move past the broken romance.


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