8 Food Trends You Must Try That Went Viral on TikTok

When a video goes viral on TikTok, it goes viral. Food-related videos frequently become popular online and receive millions of views in a single day. And when anything has that much popularity, thousands of times are frequently duplicated by individuals who want to try it for themselves.

Large-scale TikTok trends can turn out to be quite enjoyable and delicious. Even cleaner and healthier options exist, including the popular Nature’s Cereal movement, which is our particular favorite.

We even tested a handful of the countless dishes that TikTok users noticed over the last year and became hugely popular trends. Recreating some of the year’s most popular food trends is, in fact, the best way to bid goodbye to 2021. You can make the best of them now that we’ve compiled a list of them to see if they lived up to what TikTok users said about them.

1. Pasta with Spicy Vodka

Although she didn’t create vodka spaghetti, Gigi Hadid undoubtedly contributed to its popularity by posting the recipe she uses on Instagram. Soon after publishing, the #GigiHadidPasta trend started, and people started cooking this delectable dish for themselves.

tiktok food trends

Pick your preferred pasta noodle, and feel free to make this sauce either with or without vodka. It has a terrific kick thanks to Gigi’s use of red pepper flakes. Depending on how much your tastes can bear, add one teaspoon or many. Once you add parmesan cheese, your dish will be fit for a supermodel.

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2. Salmon Rice

More than 61 million people have watched videos with the hashtag #SalmonRiceBowl on TikTok, all due to Emily Mariko. Following the success of her ASMR-inspired culinary videos, which also give the impression that her life is perfect, this creator amassed millions of fans.

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A salmon rice bowl was the recipe that gave birth to one of the largest TikTok culinary sensations. Emily makes it seem so easy to complete on your own, which adds to its appeal. Check out her visually appealing videos and try her signature dish!

3. Pasta Chips, Third

Try these spaghetti chips instead of the store-bought chips you have in your cabinet. Instead of serving your cooked pasta with sauce, spread the noodles out on a baking sheet and season them with salt and pepper. About halfway through baking it, you’ll toss it around.

The cheese sauce can be made on the stovetop in the meanwhile. Salt and garlic powder are used as flavorings in this creamy sauce. You’ll wish you had discovered the sauce sooner when you dip your cooked spaghetti chips into it.

4. Cloud Bread

Perhaps the most attractive TikTok food fad of the year was cloud bread. Additionally, it is quite easy. A delicate and fluffy bread that resembles a cloud from the sky may be made with only four ingredients and baked for about 25 minutes. It has a lovely crunch from the almond slices, and it looks like real bread.

tiktok food trends

Add some food coloring to the cloud bread to make it even more entertaining. To add sweetness, you might add a dash of vanilla to the mix.

5. A Sandwich with Bell Pepper

The bell pepper sandwich is one of the simplest TikTok culinary sensations, with over 155 million views. It couldn’t be simpler to give the low-carb craze a try for yourself. Simply cut a bell pepper open, top it with cream cheese, and serve. It is prepared by adding some Everything Bagel seasoning.

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You’ll probably reach for this combination of flavors whenever you’re hungry. Given how simple it is to make, you can also get creative with the toppings. Whatever you’re desiring at the time, such as avocado or protein, can be added.

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6. Corn Ribs, No.

Check out these corn ribs instead of the usual corn on the cob for dinner tonight! Elotes is a meal that originates from Mexico and screams “summer” at first glance. A creamy sauce flavoring the grilled corn makes for the ideal combination of sweet and salty flavors. You may make a variant of this TikTok dish without using a grill.

You’ll combine a mixture of chili powder, garlic powder, and lemon pepper in a bowl. Before placing the corned ribs in the oven or air fryer, that mixture is brushed on. Your new favorite way to eat corn is finished with a drizzle of homemade chipotle lime mayo.

Additionally, you can use our simple recipe to prepare corn ribs and other dips that will completely replicate the taste of a traditional rack of ribs.

7. Feta Spaghetti Baked

There’s a fair probability that when baked feta pasta first gained popularity on TikTok, you couldn’t find any feta cheese in the grocery store’s feta cheese aisle since the shelves were empty. Due to how easy it is to make, the dinner with the hashtag #BakedFetaPasta has amassed over 147 million TikTok likes.

tiktok food trends

Cherry tomatoes and a block of feta are then added to a baking dish. You season it and give it a thorough mix once it has finished baking in the oven. You’re done once you’ve added the cooked pasta! After making it for the first time, if it wasn’t already a staple in your dinner rotation, it most certainly will be.

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8. Whipped Coffee

Everyone and their neighbor seemed to be making creamed coffee at the start of the epidemic when the entire planet was placed under quarantine. The beverage also referred to as Algona coffee, became extremely popular. On TikTok, the hashtag #WhippedCoffee received an astounding 2.4 billion views.

One day, you might want to recreate this delicious beverage as an alternative to your usual morning brew. Sugar, water, and instant coffee are all used in equal amounts. Blend those ingredients into a foam, then stir in your preferred creamer and enjoy!

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