Thunder Force Film Cast, Plot, Review and More!

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are in the Thunder Force cast. How well do you know them and the other actors? The Netflix movie 2021 is set in Chicago, and it’s about two grown-up women who work together as superheroes.

In Thunder Force, a woman named Lydia Berman (McCarthy) looks for her best friend, a wealthy geneticist named Emily Stanton (Spencer), who she hasn’t seen in a long time. She gets a superhero serum by accident, and then she trains to fight the Miscreants, who are also superheroes. “The King,” a crooked politician, wants to become Mayor and take over the city.

Two Oscar-nominated actresses are in the Thunder Force cast, and they mostly use their situational comedy skills. There are also some big names in the supporting cast who fully embrace deadpan humour and make fun of superhero tropes.

What Does “Thunder Force” Mean?

Without giving away too much, you should know that the movie is about two best friends from childhood, Lydia (McCarthy) and Emily (Spencer), who couldn’t be more different. Emily is the owner of a high-tech company that is working on a way to give normal people superpowers. Lydia works in construction.

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Even though they haven’t talked in years, Lydia pays a surprise visit to an old friend when Emily doesn’t show up to their high school reunion. When Lydia is left alone in Emily’s office, she gets too curious and injects herself by accident with a super-strength serum.

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One thing leads to another, and the two become a genetically modified superhero team called “Thunder Force.” Their goal is to protect people from bad guys like The Crab (Jason Bateman), a human with claws for arms. (Not kidding.)

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Cast of Thunder Force

Melissa Ponzio plays Rachel Gonzales

Melissa Ponzio plays Rachel Gonzales On the TV show Teen Wolf, Melissa Ponzio played Melissa McCall, and on The Walking Dead, she played Karen. She played Donna Robbins on the TV show Chicago Fire.

Kevin Dunn plays Frank

Kevin Dunn plays Frank In Transformers, Kevin Dunn played Ron Witwicky, and in Veep, he played Ben Cafferty. He just played Nathan Rey in the play City on a Hill.

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Tyrel Jackson Williams plays Jessie

Tyrel Jackson Williams plays Jessie Tyrel Jackson Williams played one of Shirley’s children, Jordan Bennett, on Community. He also played Charles on Brockmire.

Brendan Jennings plays Clyde

Who has been Lydia’s friend for a long time and has trouble telling an owl joke. In You’re the Worst, Brendan Jennings played Neil, and in A.P. Bio, he played Dale.

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Rating: 3 Stars

The all-star cast of Thunder Force gave it a lot of promise. But Spencer and McCarthy, along with newcomer Taylor Mosby, were the only reasons I kept watching, so I couldn’t give it a higher score.


Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are both great on screen, but Ben Falcone’s lack of direction makes it hard for them to shine.

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Thunder Force fails as both a superhero movie and a buddy comedy because it doesn’t enjoy the big moments of either genre. McCarthy’s role in Wasted is her chance to be a superhero who is as funny and friendly as she is strong.

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Instead, these superheroines, who break the rules in different ways, are treated as if they’re just there for laughs. Even though the movie is supposed to be about gaining power, Lydia and Emily are made fun of for their age, their size, and the way their suits smell.

(It looks like a genius who changed the world didn’t plan for the costumes to need to be cleaned.) All of this makes the movie more boring than groundbreaking, less fun than entertaining, and more tiring than exciting. Thunder Force doesn’t make a big noise when it hits.

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