They removed military grenades from a popular bakery in Rio Pietro

Ammunition and public safety agents removed the grenade Monday night from a sofa bakery near Citrines, a sofa bakery located on Jose de Diego Avenue in Rio Beatrice, informing the commissioner. Police Bureau, Antonio Lopez Ficurova.

“Based on our experience, we understand that pomegranate has all the properties to be active.”The lieutenant said in written statements Ismail Cartagena CartiniHead of the Explosives Division.

Authorities hope they can control and demolish the device tomorrow at its facility at the Isla de Cabras, where the police firing range used to deactivate or detonate explosives is located.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a gas station, killing at least six people and wounding three others.

As a preventative and safety measure, the bakery was removed and a security perimeter wall was erected in the area.

Cartagena Cartini added that the device was removed using remote techniques by staff specializing in ammunition. Once the grenade was secured, it was placed in an explosive traffic sphere and sent to the Isla de Cabras.

“Shredding grenades scatter, with their explosions, usually deadly pieces”The lieutenant pointed out.

The commissioner of police added that an investigation was underway into who placed the ammunition and where it came from.

The incident was reported to have taken place at 5.49 pm. Agent Louis BoyAppointed to Puerto Nuevo Precinct, conducted an initial investigation of the facts.

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