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When you’re starting a new business, traffic is key. Without enough traffic, your business won’t be able to survive. And as businesses grow, traffic becomes even more important. But how do you get more traffic? By optimizing your website for search engines, of course! In this blog post, we will teach you all about traffic analytics and how they can help you understand your market share and better target your advertising. By understanding the needs of your audience, you can create marketing campaigns that are more effective and targeted.

What is Traffic Analytics?

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Traffic Analytics is the study of the patterns and trends in traffic flow to and from a website or web property. This data can be used to measure how well a site is performing, identify areas where traffic is coming from (and going to), and make decisions about marketing and advertising initiatives. Traffic analytics also helps quantify the value of Web traffic through such measures as pageviews, unique visitors, and average time on page.

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How Traffic Analytics Can Help Your Business

Traffic analytics can help your business understand how people are interacting with your website and what needs and wants they have. By understanding this data, you can make better decisions about your marketing and pricing strategies.

You can also use traffic analytics to measure market share. This information can help you determine where your business stands in the market, and which areas you need to focus on for growth. Traffic analytics can also show you which of your website’s features are most popular with visitors.

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By understanding these insights, you can improve the overall experience of visitors on your site and drive more traffic to your business.

The Old Houselife traffic anAlytics Report for The Month of January 2018

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In January 2018,’s traffic increased by 8% compared to December 2017. The website’s market share also grew by 1.1 percentage points, reaching a total of 2.4%. The largest contributor to the growth was the United States, where traffic rose by 18%. Traffic from other countries also increased, but more modestly.

The homepage continues to be the website’s most popular section. This month it accounted for 47% of all visits. This is unchanged from last month, but it is down from 58% in December 2017. Visitors are now spending an average of 9 minutes on the homepage.

The second most popular section is the “Latest Posts” blog post series, which now accounts for 21% of all visits. This is up from 14% in December 2017 and it is also higher than its position in January 2017 (18%). Visitors are spending an average of 3 minutes on each post in this series.

Other sections with a high number of visits include “Blog Archive”, “Site Stats”, and “Contact & Feedback”. However, these sections’ share varies significantly from month to month; for example, Site Stats was the most visited section in November but it ranks fourth in January 2018.

One reason for this variability could be that new content is added to some sections more frequently than others – for example, Blog Archive receives new posts twice a week on average – while

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The Old Houselife Traffic Analytics Report for The Month of December 2017

In December 2017, had a total estimated visitors of 190,000. This brings the site’s total estimated visitors for the year up to 1.3 million. The website’s market share in December was 2.5%.

The Old Houselife Traffic Analytics Report for The Month of November 2017

The Old Houselife traffic analytics report for the month of November 2017 shows that the website was visited by a total of 1,851 people. This is an increase of 11% from the 1,658 people who visited the website in November 2016. The majority of these visitors (91%) were from the United States, making it the site’s most popular country. Canada was second with 8% of visitors, followed by United Kingdom with 2%.

The Old Houselife Traffic Analytic Report for The Month of October 2017

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The Old Houselife traffic analytic report for the month of October 2017 shows that the website was visited by a total of 1,878 unique users. This represents a 6.02% increase compared to the same month last year. The most popular pages on the site were the home page (with a share of 30.58%), blog (25.77%) and products (15.68%).

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The Old Houselife Traffic Analytic Report for The Month of September 2017

The Old Houselife traffic analytic report for the month of September 2017 reveals that the website’s audience is mainly composed of individuals aged 18 to 54, with a slight focus on those aged 55 and over. The majority of visitors are from the United States. The site’s main sources of traffic are search engines (52%), followed by social media (24%).

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