The Streaming Giant; Netflix Suspends Service In Russia Over War On Ukraine

Netflix is one of the world’s biggest streaming platforms which has a massive collection of subscribers from all over the world. But Netflix in Russia, which is home to several ethnic groups, plays a minor role. Such a horrible scenario of the Russia and Ukraine war started after the launch of Moscow’s Campaign, which was held on February 24 in Ukraine.

Where Moscow sent thousands of troops to invade pro-western Ukraine, Netflix announced that it had lost around 700,000 subscribers, which is a massive number of considerations. And it is all because of the withdrawal of the company from Russia. The company said this by addressing the shareholders in a letter in April announcing the company’s first global drop in subscribers in a decade.

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It’s been updated by the news agency Agence France-Presse (APF) that all of the Netflix apps along with the sites were already pulled off, and the Russian users and subscribers are no longer will be able to access Netflix from Friday. And not only this, but many big tech companies have also announced that their product shipments have been halted to Russia because of the war against Ukraine.

In March, the Putin- ruled giant streaming platform suspended Russian subscribers from watching anything on Netflix because of the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As Russia has had millions of subscribers, they knocked down a considerable loss and, as a result, filed a lawsuit against the company demanding R60 million to compensate for their loss.

Also, in March, Tiktok announced that the company had blocked the users of Russia from sharing any videos and from watching any videos uploaded by the rest of the world. The company also shared a statement regarding this, saying they have no choice. They need to suspend the content transmitted and from watching any video by the Russian users being uploaded on the platform to assess the implications of the law.

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American Express has also blocked all its operations in Russia and Belarus, a country in alignment with Moscow. Visa, including Mastercard all of these, announced the same that its operations had been stopped in the Russian market. The Bank cards of all of these issued in Russia will further not be acceptable in any country, nor will Russia accept any of the bank cards issued in other countries.

The massive streaming numbers skyrocketed during the Covid-19 crisis, and reports say people in Belgium, on average, were watching TV for more than five hours a day. Which was providing the giant company with great scope to flourish economically through the subscribers and users, but now they are being suspended all over the world and not only this, but the banks have also prevented the use of their networks by the Russian users as decided by the International sanctions because of Russia’s move in conflict with Ukraine.

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