The Spectacular Spider-Man Swings On Netflix

Great news for Animation lovers! The Spectacular Spider-Man is officially streaming in the United States.

Netflix added all 26 episodes from The Spectacular Spider-Mans 2-season run to its platform. Actor Josh Keaton is celebrating the news that his 2008 superhero cartoon The Spectacular Spider-Man is now available to everyone on Netflix.

The Spectacular Spider-Man made its debut in 2008 on The CW and ran for two seasons. While there were future seasons planned, The Spectacular Spider-Man came to an abrupt halt when Disney purchased Marvel. The belief is that since the animated series was a production of Sony Pictures Television, Disney wanted its own Spider-Man show under its umbrella. This led to the creation of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD. For those Spidey fans out there who may have missed The Spectacular Spider-Man, now’s your time to catch up on it while it’s streaming on Netflix.

The Spectacular Spider man

A Spectacular History

Developed by Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman, The Spectacular Spider-Man aired from 2008 to 2009 on The CW’s Kids’ WB programming block. Following Peter Parker three months after he received the radioactive spider bite, Spectacular Spider-Man saw Peter juggle his junior year responsibilities, superheroes as Spider-Man, and relationships with friends and family like Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and Harry Osborn.

Structurally, the show merged standalone episodes detailing the origins of Spider-Man’s classic rogues with a serialized narrative connecting these villains back to the ambitions of the criminal mastermind Tombstone. Similar overarching arcs included the mystery of the Green Goblin’s identity and Peter’s corruption by the black-suit symbiote, with the latter, in turn, escalating the deterioration of his friendship with Eddie Brock.

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The Spectacular Spider-Man is created by Victor Cook and Greg Weisman.

It is created by Victor Cook and Greg Weisman. Sony is currently working on it Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versethe animated sequel to the Oscar-winning Marvel film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Compared to the Spider-Man shows that would follow after Spectacular, this Peter isn’t booked to be great or some sort of figurehead in the show’s version of the Marvel universe. He’s Just Some Kid, who simultaneously has nothing going for him beyond his intellect and photography skills while also brushing shoulders with enough people that he’s got more than a solid support system.

Voice acting for Spider-Man across the character’s media history can be hit or miss, but Keaton really does stand up as one of the best. He makes his Peter just incredibly endearing from the start, and that the show’s more emotional beats work at all can be owed to him and the rest of the pretty strong voice cast. In the same way that The Batman’s got an underrated Joker thanks to Richardson, Spectacular has two hidden gems in the form of Steve Blum’s Green Goblin and Clancy Brown’s Rhino.

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