The Spanish Princess Season 3 Release Date, What We Know So Far

The Spanish Princess is one of the well received historical dramas based on historical fiction on the storyline of the king’s curse and the constant princess. The story is the outcome of the actual events. The plot focuses on Catherine’s and husband Henry VIII’s journey where they have gone through a lot of struggles to be in power and enhance it like a queen.

The series is astonishing with its seasons which focus more on the trilogy of Philippa Gregory’s royal novel. The Spanish Princess is not 100% real but it tries to cover the large portion of the story. 

Cast Explanation: 

According to the report, the casting of the season is not sure. Although the crew members participating in the series are expected to return if the series will renew itself. The actors participating in the show are: 

  1. Aaron Cobham 
  2. Laura Carmichael 
  3. Andrew Buchan 
  4. Alicia Borrachero 
  5. Daniel Cerqueira 

Story Line: 

The season of the Spanish Princess ended on November 29th, 2020. After the end of the second season, fans are wondering if the series will renew itself with the third season. Let’s find out what’s there in the mind of the makers regarding the new season of the series. 

The series revolves around the story of a teenage princess Catherine of Aragon who travels to England to unite with her husband to whom she has been betrothed since she was a kid. 

Previous Recap: 

The previous series shows how Catherine fight for her love, her power and her beloved daughter. Catherine was humbled but held a strong spirit throughout her journey. In the previous season, she decided to leave the court and her husband and start living her life on her terms. This decision gives her an emotional victory. Henry descends into madness and found a new love interest, Anne Boleyn. Catherine’s greatest secret was revealed by Maggie Pole, who promised to secure her title but at the cost of her integrity. 

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Trailer and Release Date: 

The show has received a 6.8 rating on IMDb by more than 4000 users. A report stated that The Spanish Princess will not come back with its next season. Thus, confirming the news that the second season of the series is the concluding story of Catherine’s life. However, the sources confirm that the makers look forward to coming up with a new story after the end of the life story of Princess Catherine. 

Where can we watch it? 

Both the seasons of the devastating historical drama is available on the various online platform including Hulu and Netflix. 


  1. What kind of gold flower is featured at the beginning of the Spanish Princess? 

The Tudor rose is featured as a double rose of white and red colour. The flower is being used as a country’s plant emblem in England. 

  1. What were the books they burned on the Spanish Princess? 

The tragedy of the Spanish princess is the outcome of a real story, but the series is not 100 per cent accurate as to the actual events. 

  1. Are the crown in the movie the Spanish princess is real? 

It is inaccurate whether the crown used in the show is real or not, but the facts and figures used in the production of the series are almost non fictional. 

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