The Santa Clauses Season 2: All Details Regarding Cast, Plot, Release Date and Much More!

The Santa Clauses could have a second season, says the show’s creator, Jack Burditt. Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, once more in the Disney+ original series. Years after the events of the first trilogy, Calvin loses his Christmas spirit and decides to stop being Santa.

But when things don’t go as planned, he has to save Christmas again. The goal of the miniseries is to add to Calvin’s story by showing why being Santa is important to him and maybe bring an end to his legacy.

Even though it was meant to be a limited series, Burditt told Deadline that it might be possible to tell more stories in the future. The Santa Clause franchise has become a big part of Disney, as it is one of their most well-known intellectual properties and is closely linked to Christmas. Since the franchise is doing well, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they suddenly announced a second season.

What Will Happen in The Santa Clauses Second Season?

Disney+ hasn’t said what will happen to Santa in the next season yet, but the Season 1 finale showed that Allen’s character is back as Santa after retiring too soon and choosing Simon Choksi as his successor instead of the right person.

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Scott puts on Santa’s coat—which Simon had never worn, so the process of becoming Santa hadn’t started—and turns back into Santa.

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In the first season, Scott, who is the first human Santa, finds out that the other Santa Clauses were made to help him and that he didn’t just become Santa by chance. His children also have magic powers and know how to use the magic of the North Pole.

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In the last episode, before Santa and his helpers, the Claus family, go out to deliver gifts, Santa tells his son that his “apprentice program” begins that night. Santa sends Cal down the chimney at the last stop of the night, where he sees Riley.

Cal tells her that he is his dad’s “Santa-in-training.” He then gives her a bouquet of poinsettias, which are her favorite flower, and they kiss.

On the sleigh again, Scott asks, “Cal, did you make sure that she wouldn’t remember? Did you remember?”

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“Yes, I did remember. “Yeah,” a hesitant Cal tells his father. “What could go wrong?” asks Mrs. Claus.”

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Guess fans will have to wait until next season to see if anything goes wrong.

Season 2 of The Santa Clauses Cast

Last but not least, there is good news: Scott Calvin will return. Even though he has been Santa Claus for almost 30 years, he is still as happy as ever. The less people care about Christmas, though, the less mysterious he seems as Santa.

Elizabeth Mitchell will be back as Carol/Mrs. Claus in a Disney+ show. The other people who will be in Season 2 are still a mystery.

Release Date of the Second Season of “The Santa Clauses”

The three Santa Clause movies are continued in the original series, which is run by Jack Burditt and is a continuation of those movies.

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Disney has said that “The Santa Clauses” will have a new season. But there has been no word on when it will be out.

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But we know it will come out around the holidays because of how the show is made. Depending on how quickly the second season is made, “The Santa Clauses” should be back on TV in November 2023.

The Santa Clauses: A Look Back at Season 1

This year, Santa’s list was very short, so he decided to ask Sara, the soy milk fan from the first Santa Clause movie, for advice. Sara has grown up, and now that she’s older, she doesn’t enjoy Christmas as much as she used to.

This is because she spends her time on her parents’ couch binge-watching Judge Judy. That is, until Santa brings her Polly Pocket, which is her favourite toy of all time.

As soon as he said “Merry Christmas” to Sara and tapped his nose to tell her to go, his magic stopped working. Santa couldn’t get back up the chimney, so he opened the front door lock and went out that way. He wasn’t “nice to ho,” as the chapter’s title says, and there wasn’t much magic left in the sleigh.

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