EntertainmentThe Recruit Season 2: Renewal or Cancellation Status

The Recruit Season 2: Renewal or Cancellation Status

You can cheer for a new action hero on Netflix, even though he doesn’t want to do what he has to do. Owen Hendricks, played by Noah Centineo, is a young lawyer for the CIA who quickly gets in over his head at the country’s most secretive agency. The Recruit came out on Netflix on December 16 and introduced the world to Owen Hendricks.

In the first episode of the series, Owen finds a piece of “graymail” from a Russian former asset, Max Meladze (Laura Haddock), who threatens to bring the CIA to its knees if the agency doesn’t help her get out of prison in Phoenix.

When Owen finds out that Max’s threats are real, he is sent into the field to try to save Max, his job, and, most importantly, his own life.

By the end of the season, Max’s supposedly dead daughter is holding Owen hostage, and Owen has no idea if he’ll ever go home or see anyone he loves again. After killing a Russian mobster earlier in the episode and getting close to leaving the CIA for good, he is left in a scary cliffhanger as Karolina holds a gun to his head.

Those who got into the new show and finished Season 1 so quickly are probably dying to know if and when there will be a Season 2, and what answers they will get when it does. So far, this is what we know.

Cast of Season 2 of The Recruit

We won’t know who is on the full cast list until season two is confirmed. But first, we’d expect Noah Centineo, who plays the main character Owen Hendricks, to be back.

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There is also Fivel Stewart, who plays Hannah, and Angel Parker, who plays Dawn. We hope that Owen and Hannah will get back together in Season 2.

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Max Meladze is a character we don’t know much about (played by Laura Haddock). In the last episode of Season 1, Karolina, who turns out to be her daughter, shoots Max. We don’t see enough of what happens next for us to know if Max is still alive. Still, if she dies, we might only see Laura Haddock again in the form of flashbacks.

When Season 2 of The Recruit Come Out?

If season two is announced (we’re keeping our fingers crossed), we probably won’t know when it will come out for a while.

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The first season came out on December 16, 2022, so we won’t see another one for at least a year. The most likely release date is early 2024 (or maybe December 2023).

The Recruit Season 2 Renewed Status

There has been no official news about a second season of The Recruit from Netflix. Still, you can change your mind now! The first season of The Recruit started on December 16 on Netflix, so it might be a while before season two is shown.

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We can only hope that Netflix renews the show based on how many people watch it and how many see it all the way through.

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The first season ends on a huge cliffhanger, which is (sort of) good news because it means a second part would make a lot of sense from a story point of view. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Season 1 of “The Recruit” End

In the eighth and last episode of the series, Owen and Max go to Prague so Max can finish a mission there before going back to her home in Belarus. She is meeting with a Russian mob boss while the CIA and a group of Russians who haven’t been named are shooting at each other outside.

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Soon, Owen goes out to the field to help, and that’s where he finds Marta (the girl from the bar in Episode 7). She starts shooting at him, but he gets away and saves Max. The two of them try to run away, but Owen starts to feel sick and goes into shock before they get very far. Yes, he did kill people. We almost forgot to tell you that.

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Later, Owen breaks up with Max and tells her that neither Max nor the CIA are interesting to him anymore.

He calls Hannah right away, his ex-girlfriend who now lives with him, and they make plans to meet up in Prague and go home together. As Owen gets closer to Hannah, a dark car comes out of nowhere and takes him away.

He opens his eyes to find Max in a dark room. He asks her where they are, but before she can answer, Marta walks in…

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She’s not Marta, though. She’s Karolina, Max’s daughter. After she shoots Max, she turns her attention to Owen and asks him to explain his strange behavior at work. At the end of this episode, we don’t know more than we did before.


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