The New Trend: Poker Coaching!

Since the end of the 2000s, poker, a combination game whose current version dates from the 19th century, has once again become popular and attractive to young people. Its appearance online has not only made it accessible to everyone, but tournaments are gaining more and more followers from all over the world. We no longer count the victories in competitions, WCOOP and WSOP in the lead, synonymous with hard work with thousands of dollars at stake.

Whether we want to enjoy a casual gaming experience in non GamStop casinos or appear in the Poker Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and join legends like Doyle Brunson or Phil Hellmutt, we have every interest in not dropping our hold’em poker games anytime soon! Let’s follow the guide to learn more.

Coaching Poker Only for Beginners?

In Poker, we don’t all start out equal, but we can all aim high! Similarly, a casual player who plays just for fun will not necessarily need to take additional lessons to get a place at the best gaming tables. He could lose a lot of money for his basic training which can be done in a school, through reference works or directly on the ground whether it is the gaming circle or the land-based casinos nearby.

Nevertheless, a coach can help us correct our weak points such as shortcomings at the level of “3-bet pots” less used than “2-bet pots”. It will take between $50 and $1,000 per hour, which sets the bar high! As Coaching Poker is more expensive than other disciplines present on the market, it is necessary to think well if one has really the utility of it as a novice with the poker or if the exchanges on a forum would make the business as well.

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However, this has not discouraged fans whose passion for this game has only grown due to the multiple confinements imposed by the health crisis that we know. This is why in 2020, we have seen the demand for coaches explode but also the number of teachers multiply and not always for the better. We can never say it enough but it is better to choose an active player as a mentor rather than a former champion who no longer practices “chip twirl”! Be that as it may, we understand this new craze for the most famous gambling game!

Live Poker Sessions to the Rescue!

Can coaches be a springboard to the professional game? It all depends on our level and the edge we want to reach. Starting from an NL100 or an NL5000 is not the same thing, even if the “video reviews” offered by our poker coach can be useful in both cases to see together the tactics to be improved and refine his calls.

What is certain is that once the machine is well established, renowned poker players do not hesitate to come to the aid of other players in difficulty. Building on his recent success at the WCOOP on Pokerstar, professional player Romain Nussman has created NutsR, a coaching center open to teaching poker but also to group sessions that are very useful for sharing his methods.

Through Twitch sessions or even through social networks, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to modeling ourselves on true poker muses! On his PokerPro site alone, Yoh Viral, who states that “90% of tournament eliminations and the loss of a large pot in cash games come from a pre-flop error” has gathered in 4 years more than 20,000 interested aficionados through its online training, not to mention its fans on Youtube and its immersive courses in Malta. Needless to say, Poker also has its influencers!

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A Springboard to Professional Gaming?

It all depends on his level or his edge. A coach who would at the same time be a world-renowned professional player, that is to say of too high a level in relation to our needs, can only slow us down already financially speaking. In the same vein, coaching only provided live will have little impact, especially if the coach takes over and no interesting opportunity arises to perfect our game.

What is especially recommended in Poker is to ask the right questions. Having the ability to analyze the game of your opponents, and knowing your own strengths and limits can make all the difference. The important thing is also to play poker as close as possible to current trends and keep a minimum of challenge. For this, we prefer a coach who will offer us tailor-made support!

Choosing a coach can be part of the game in itself, the goal being not to stray too far from our objective. Are we aiming to become a professional player and set up our own business and then play cash games day and night? Or do we just want to fix our little poker strategy mistakes so we can keep betting online poker without losing too much?

To avoid losing your hand, there’s nothing like being coached by a champion or a very active player in tournaments! The advantage on the net is to be able to progress thanks to live sessions with big names in Poker, which saves us time and money! 

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