Celebrity'The Bachelorette' Preview: Rachel Bemoans 'Cruel' Two-Lead Journey, Gabby Admits It Will...

‘The Bachelorette’ Preview: Rachel Bemoans ‘Cruel’ Two-Lead Journey, Gabby Admits It Will Be ‘Messy’

The Bachelorette season starring Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia will be unlike anything before seen by viewers. The long-running series’ season 19 debut aired on Monday, and at the conclusion of the episode, viewers got a sneak peek at what’s in store for the next season.

As Gabby joyfully remarks, “No one has any idea how this is going to work, so we’re finding things out as we go,” things seem to be going okay at first.

During their kiss, Rachel informs one potential suitor, “Never before have I felt like this. You are the man of my dreams, genuinely.” She shares a kiss with Nate and tells a man, “I am absolutely falling in love,” as her co-star is also overjoyed.

'The Bachelorette' Preview: Rachel Laments 'Cruel' Two-Lead Journey, Gabby Admits It's Going to Be 'Messy'

However, several of the boys are still “on the fence” about which female they want, which both Bachelorettes find annoying.

As Gabby refers to the circumstance as “my nightmare,” Rachel asserts that “they are in power and they know it.”

A number of men decline a rose from Rachel and inform the pilot that they want to pursue Gabby instead, making the nightmare even worse.

The two of us being placed in this situation together “seems cruel,” Rachel says to the cameras. “Since nobody cares about me, I’m not sure how I can fall in love. This is not how it is intended to be.”

The identical issue arises for Gabby since a man informs her that his intentions are “totally for Rachel.”

“He declared he couldn’t love me. Am I not up to par? Am I too broken to be loved by anyone?” Before another man informs Gabby that he still feels something for her, she asks “on the other side,” which prompted her to inquire, “Why? Why me? Why now?”

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The women experience what Gabby refers to as a “huge f**king mess” at the same time when she and Rachel develop feelings for the same man.

The season’s other drama will be witnessed up close by host Jesse Palmer as he has an emotional sit-down with one man and tells him, “It’s evident that things have changed. What are your plans?” The emotional man, who seems to be Zach, replies, “I need to give her this complete truth,” admitting his need to do so.

When Rachel sees the cameras, she begins to cry and says, “I simply don’t comprehend. You alter your opinion?”

All of this culminates with one of the critical females lamenting, “I’m the worst bachelorette ever. I don’t want to continue doing this. I prefer to be by myself. I am not prepared. Why did they choose me for this task?”

Finding love together is a rough path, according to Gabby. “I just hope it’s worth it for both of us,”

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The women assured ET that their friendship will remain intact despite all the highs and lows of their season.

Regarding herself and Rachel, Gabby remarked, “I think we’re just always so honest with each other.” “Never were there any secrets… Overall, I believe we helped each other out as much as possible.”

The season, Rachel teased, “simply has so many different twists and turns.” “It’s obvious that this is unlike anything that anyone has ever seen. I’m excited for them to get an inside on that because they get to experience not only two love stories but also our relationship. Simply put, it’s going to be fantastic.”



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