Minecraft Texture Packs: How To Download and Install Them!

Texture packs alter the appearance of the GUI, enemies, items, and even blocks in games! While some packs alter all of these, others only alter one or two. While some texture packs will convert the 16×16 native resolution to higher quality “HD” textures, others will maintain the original resolution.

Some may alter your environment such that it resembles a video game, while others will place you in a world full of pastel colors. You’re likely to find a texture pack that suits you because there are SO many different types available.

Make sure the texture pack you choose is compatible with the version of Minecraft you’re using because some support the most recent version while others only support older ones. You can quickly sort by Category, Resolution, Game Version, and more when you visit the Texture Pack section of Planet Minecraft. Choose the right game version, then look through the countless packs.

Are Minecraft Resource Packs and Texture Packs the Same Thing?

Yes, indeed! Resource packs and texture packs for Minecraft are identical to one another. Resource packs have taken the place of texture packs in Java Edition 1.6. These packs alter the game’s audio, music, language files, fonts, splash texts, and other elements in addition to the game’s graphics.

We’re using Ignaf’s Quadral Texture Pack for this lesson. We adore this pack’s color, and we also adore how faithfully Vanilla its resolution is.

1. Click “↓ Download Texture Pack”.

texture packs for minecraft

2. A window will pop up. Make sure you have “Save File” selected, and then click “OK”.
** IF you’re directed to ADFly, we recommend reading this tutorial by Azie before moving on. **

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texture packs for minecraft3. Open up Minecraft and click on “Options…”

texture packs for minecraft

4. Click “Resource Packs….”

texture packs for minecraft5. Then, click on “Open Resource Pack Folder”

texture packs for minecraft6. The resource packs subfolder of .minecraft will pop up. In a separate window, open up your Downloads folder (where you saved your pack). Drag and drop the file from your Downloads folder to your resourcepacks folder.

7. Close both windows. You won’t see your pack available yet; click “Done”.
texture packs for minecraft8. Click “Resource Packs…” for a second time.

texture packs for minecraft9. You should see your texture pack over in the left-hand column. Hover, and click on the triangle/arrow pointing to the right.

If your pack DOES NOT show up

texture packs for minecraft10. Your pack should now be in the right-hand column. Click “Done”

texture packs for minecraft11. Your pack will be loaded, and you’ll see the change in the next menu. Click “Done” on that menu.
dFFl2IlTa-da! Are you ready for a whole new world?
texture packs for minecraft

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