Tell Me Lies Renewed for Season 2 by Hulu! All About Here!

“Tell Me Lies,” a soapy college drama, has been picked up for a second season by Hulu, a month after the end of the first season.

“Tell Me Lies” follows the troubled relationship between college students, Lucy and Stephen, over eight years. The first season centers on the mysterious death of Lucy’s first-year roommate.

Even though there is no official release date or information about the cast or plot for Season 2, executive producer and showrunner Meaghan Oppenheimer told TheWrap before the renewal that a possible second season would start with the characters’ engagement party and show more of their adult lives. It would also pick up where the show left off in college.

In October, Oppenheimer also hinted that future episodes might focus on other ensemble characters, like Diana and Bree, because “everyone wants a lot more Bree.”

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In the first season, Lucy and Stephen were played by Grace Van Patten and Jackson White, while Catherine Missal, Spencer House, Sonia Mena, Branden Cook, Benjamin Wadsworth, and Alicia Crowder had supporting roles.

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For the first season, Oppenheimer was an executive producer and the showrunner, along with Emma Roberts, Karah Preiss, and Matt Matruski, who were also executive producers under their Belletrist Productions banner.

Laura Lewis and Stephanie Noonan were in charge of production for Rebelle Media, and Shannon Gibson and Sam Schlaifer were in charge of production for Refinery29 from Vice Media. Jonathan Levine was also in charge of the production.

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The first season was based on Carola Lovering’s novel of the same name, and Lovering worked as a consulting producer.

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Several other book-to-TV adaptations, like “Tiny Beautiful Things,” “Washington Black,” “Saint X,” and “Interior Chinatown,” have already been released by Hulu Originals.

The ABC Signature shows “Tiny Beautiful Things” and “Saint X” and the 20th Television show “Washington Black” and “Interior Chinatown” are all part of Disney Television Studios.

‘Tell Me Lies’ Review

College, ah. What a messy time getting to know me! On a college campus, where everyone is just trying to figure out who they are, there are a lot of worries and mistakes.

From the dirty new Hulu show Tell Me Lies’ point of view, life is all about sex, drugs, and a little bit of death for good measure.

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Emma Roberts is the show’s executive producer, and it is based on Carola Lovering’s book of the same name. Unfortunately, the show gets caught up in a mess that soon gets the best of it.

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Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White), who meet in college in the late 2000s, are at the center of this. We don’t know why, but this chance meeting will change their lives in ways that will come back to haunt them when things go wrong.

When the show starts, they see each other for the first time in a long time at a friend’s wedding. This shows that their future is going to be hard. Even though it’s a happy occasion, neither of them says a word.

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Whatever happened has made it clear that this reunion is going to be hard. Then, eight years earlier, in September 2007, Lucy breaks up with her high school boyfriend in a very firm way.

He is shocked and angry that she told him this the day before she left for college. It shows that people around her, including her own family, often think of her as cold because of how she deals with situations.

She has been the most interesting thing about the show through the first five episodes. But the rest of the noise soon makes it hard to hear her.

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