Teen Wolf Season 7 Release Date confirmed ? Everything Need to know

There will be no Teen Wolf Season 7. Instead, there will be a new movie in the universe entitled Teen Wolf, which will feature many of the same characters. It will be released in 2022 on Paramount Plus, the streaming service of Viacom CBS. Jeff Davis, the executive producer of the show, also signed a three-project deal that will include a new show about supernatural creatures called Wolf Pack. This show, which is unrelated to the Teen Wolf franchise, is based on the works of Edo Van Belkom.


The sixth season of “Jersey Shore” concluded after network executives and executive producer Jeff Davis agreed that it had run its course.

In 2020, CBS’s Paramount Pictures division ended its contract with the network, which means that it no longer has the rights to make new episodes of “Teen Wolf.” Meanwhile, MGM still had the rights to the movie’s original content, and it could not continue with the show without its participation.

Due to the lack of a new deal between the producers and the network, the future projects in the Jeff Davis universe were almost impossible to complete.

In September 2021, the website Teen Wolf News reported that executives from ViacomCBS were discussing the possibility of developing a new version of “Teen Wolf.” This show was reportedly one of the shows that came up during the company’s efforts to launch a new streaming service called Paramount Plus. On September 10, the website noted that the negotiations led by Chris McCarthy, the executive vice president of Paramount Plus, resulted in a deal that will allow the company to make the movie.

  • Jeff Davis on Season 7

In May 2021, Jeff Davis, the creator of the teen drama series “The Wolf”, told Paul Rea, the Administrator of the Official Teen Wolf Wiki, that the show’s future would be most likely affected by the increasing interest in streaming services such as Amazon and Hulu. In addition to this, Davis noted that Paramount Plus’ decision to revive “Criminal Minds” was due to the show’s success on Netflix.

  • In Reboot Talks :

In November 2020, Davis revealed to Paul V. Rea, the Administrator of the Official Teen Wolf Wiki, that he and MGM executives were in talks about a potential reboot of “The Wolf.” He noted that the show would not feature any of the original characters’ mythology or stories. The current “The Wolf” universe would not be able to continue without a new agreement between MGM and ViacomCBS. Steve Start, who was working on the project with Davis, left MGM in March 2021. Before he left the company, Stark was responsible for the successful exploitation of MGM’s intellectual property, such as “Fargo,” “The Wolf,” and “Happier’s Tale.” He also oversaw the company’s other projects, such as “The Walking Dead” and “The Night Manager.”

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According to Davis, Stark’s exit from the studio means the complete reboot is now dead.

False Rumors 

After the Teen Wolf cast got back together for a Zoom call in June 2020, there were rumors that new episodes would follow.  Unfortunately, most of these rumors were carried out by the media, which typically focuses on clickbait headlines and doesn’t take into account the statements made by the cast. Some of these rumors also came from the internet, where users tried to trick fans into believing that the new episodes would be released in 2019. One channel even tried to copy and paste the network’s branding into their videos. They presented the videos as if they were new content.

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