Tech Nukti App for Android & iOS | Detailed Guide

Despite the fact that there are many smartphone wallpaper options. Additionally, there are several tools that offer distinctive themes. We heartily recommend the Tech Nukti App if you wish to offer fascinating and distinctive backgrounds and themes.

Most wallpapers and themes are employed to provide smartphones with a unique appearance. The first generation of mobile users lacked a color display. Most people don’t pay attention to the screen displays and leave them in their default settings.

When professionals update smartphones, they also update the screen. The required modifications have finally been made, resulting in a colorful presentation for users. Therefore, we advise Android users to use Tech Nukti Tool in order to customize their cellphones.

An online Android software called Tech Nukti App allows users to rapidly search through a range of wallpapers and themes. It is available and free without membership or the purchase of a premium license. But in addition to wallpapers, the application has a dashboard with sophisticated options.

The Technukti lock program can turn your lock screen into a stunning Golden zip lock, and it features a gold zip screen. The main purpose of Technukti is to provide outstanding knowledge about technology, applications, social media strategies, and advice. You can get amazing android hacks that can benefit you in your daily life.

Information About the Tech Nukti App

When it comes to the essential functionality that the app offers. The following features are present in this version: Direct Enable/Disable Tech Nukti Row Styles, Zippers Style, Preview, More Themes, Settings, Wallpapers, and Lock screen Option. If the Lockscreen Option is selected, the app will be able to retrieve the default settings.

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Additionally, it will be plainly visible on the application’s upper sidebar. The Preview option will include a direct presenting element that illustrates the main theme. The main theme will be shown before the theme is applied with the help of the preview option.

By selecting the More Themes button, you can access this broad selection of primary themes. Among the choices are Emoji Zipper, Diamond Zipper, Magical Zipper, Girls Locker, Teddy Bear Locker, Flowers Zipper, Leather Locker, and Roses Zip Locker. It only takes one click to access the aforementioned themes.

Details like Pattern Password, Set Password, Transparent Background, Vibration, Auto Scroll, Time Format, and others will be available in the setup dashboard. Remember that an application may contain a built-in instant password.

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Wallpapers reflecting the Golden color are offered in a wide variety. The Zip Style can now be changed to customize the themes. Row Styles can also be modified from a lengthy list.

Those who are sick of their outdated or dated smartphones having the same style and theme. On your Android device, you must download and set up the Gold Screen Lock App. And enjoy changing the display’s theme on your smartphone.


For consumers who respect the security and design of their smartphone, Tech Nukti is a promising app.

It maintains the desired visual impact that users want while offering all of the functionality anticipated of a lock screen app. You may now start unwrapping your smartphone to unlock it the way you’ve always wanted.

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