Explanation of The Taylor Frankie Paul Divorce Drama

Taylor Frankie Paul, a TikTok star, has gained a lot of attention on social media as a result of her contentious marriage. The TikTok and her spouse Tate Paul were reportedly divorcing, according to stories circulating online.

Since then, the influencer has made it known that the couple is no longer together. Internet users, however, find it difficult to accept the breakup of their favorite online couple.

Taylor, 28, is a hot topic on Twitter and Reddit after she and her partner sparked divorce rumors. This comes after the two said on TikTok that they will have a DNA test done to determine their relationship.

The married couple made the decision to do this after one of their fans commented on how similar twins they appeared to be. The pair revealed in a follow-up video that they had taken the test and the findings showed they are “100% connected.”

Swift Frankie, The couple’s separation was later announced by Paul on Instagram by her spouse Tate. She shared the following on social media:

taylor frankie paul divorce

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Taylor Frankie Paul Posts on Tik Tok About Moving Houses.

Fans of the TikToker questioned her marriage on social media forums. Sources claim that a lot of people assumed the social media sensation had cheated on her husband Tate. Following suit, the couple’s common friends must have supported Tate. The fact that the couple had been sleeping in separate rooms ever since their marriage was effectively over was also noticed by online users.

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Taylor released a video on TikTok claiming to be a lady in her 20s who is divorced and going to live alone for the first time with her two children, Indy and Ocean, after announcing her divorce to the world. She displayed her keys and added that she had recently moved into a new residence.

She published a montage of herself and Tate from the upcoming TikTok video. The video’s caption reads in part:

People on The Internet Believe Taylor Frankie Paul Cheated on Her Spouse.

As was already said, internet users think the TikToker cheated on her husband with Brayden Rowley, a citizen of Utah. It is thought that Taylor and the TikToker singer, who has married himself, were enjoying an extramarital romance.

taylor frankie paul divorce

After meeting Tate in January 2016, Taylor got married. The latter is currently employed at AdvancedMD as a Regional Manager. On August 31, 2017, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Indy. On June 18, 2020, they welcomed their son Ocean.

The rumors of infidelity have not been addressed by Taylor or Brayden. When this piece was written, Tate had not discussed his relationship with Taylor on any social media sites.

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