Tasman Earning App real or false | Genuine Tasman App Review

Everyone these days is seeking ways to generate money online. There are already many ways to make money online and through mobile apps, both with and without investment. However, out of these, 30% of the apps and opportunities are fraudulent. This is so that these fictitious online programs can take advantage of people’s desire to work online.

As of right now, there is no reliable information on any websites to determine whether the Tasman earning app is real or false. I’ll discuss some of the arguments for and against the authenticity of the Tasman app in this article.

First, remove the Tasman earning app download. since the Tasman earning app is not legitimate in our estimation. The source for this program is absent. Future plans do not exist.

On the internet, there are a lot of unfavorable Tasman app reviews. Most people who downloaded and invested in the Tasman app did not receive their money or profit amount back.

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The Tasman Earning App: What Is It?

According to the Tasman Earning App, users of this application can get money by doing various tasks within it.

You must use Paytm or another UPI payment option to buy or reload a specific quantity of money in order to take part in the task.

You can go from the intern level to the Director level as you recharge more in the app. The app offers a number of levels that can be unlocked to increase your earnings. the level of an intern, a worker, an assistant manager, a manager, a CEO, and a director.

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You know, the funny thing is that you can become a manager, CEO, or director simply by recharging, without having any graded qualifications. Tasman Earning App is to be given full credit. LOL

A portion is a joke. Now let’s examine whether the Tasman earning app is real or false using some crucial observable elements.

An Important Note

  • The Tasman app doesn’t have an official webpage that is accessible via the internet.
  • How can you think that an app is legitimate if there isn’t an official webpage online that defines it?
  • There is no whitepaper available that outlines the Tasman app’s future strategy.
  • Their website, tasman1.com, is completely unresponsive.
  • The Tasman mobile app does not have a stated strategy for how it will generate profits for users.
  • On the whois page for the Tasman app, there is no email address shown for contact.
  • just three months ago, a domain name was registered.
  • No server has ever been used to host the Tasman App server.
  • Nowhere is a contact address or phone number listed.
  • The software will initially provide you a certain amount of profit, but after they have your trust, they will lock your profit and require you to recharge, pay taxes, and start other drama.
  • Review the recent instances of HPZToken Fraudulent App New Word Earning app defrauding customers.
  • Only WhatsApp will be used by the representatives of this type of fake software to contact you.
  • People you contact with this app will attempt to conceal their identity by using a girl’s name and a phony profile picture.
  • They always devise new schemes to recharge more money.
  • The Tasman app is not an Indian company. It is based in the US.
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What Should I Do Right Now?

If you guys have already invested in this software, your only option is to do the work and get rewards—there is no other way to get your money back.

Avoid investing in this kind of income app. Verify the history and accurate information on the application before investing.

Instead of spending money on quick money-making software, look online for some reliable opportunities. On the internet, there are a lot of trustworthy and legal programs and websites for making money online. such as Coindcx, Meesho, Rozdhan, Angel Broking, INRDeals, and Fiverr.


This kind of income application is not something I advise. The Tasman Earning application is a scam. They didn’t identify themselves. Never put your trust in applications with concealed profiles. Additionally, never give out your email address or phone number on an application.

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