Tanner Hoang Found Dead After Week-Long Search, Report

According to the authorities, the body of a Texas A&M University student who had been reported missing over a week ago has been located. The video that can be seen above is from an earlier report. A spokeswoman for the College Station Police Department told ABC News that the deceased corpse of Tanner Hoang, who was 22 years old, was discovered in Austin on Saturday.

The Austin Police Department has been contacted by ABC News to obtain additional information. According to the authorities, Hoang was not seen since the morning of December 16th.

When he did not show up to lunch before the ceremony, his family reported him missing and stated they were going to the College Station school for his graduation. They said they were going to be there.

This past week, his uncle Bao Hoang gave an interview to a local station that is affiliated with the ABC network in Waco.

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In the interview, he said, “He was scheduled to graduate but I’m not sure what transpired that would cause him to depart.”

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According to the student’s family, the fact that the student’s phone had been switched off made it more difficult to locate him.

According to the Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley, the car in which he was last seen was located on Thursday in Austin, Texas, but no one was inside at the time.

The car had been seen on video multiple times. According to the reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the vehicle was found close to the Pennybacker Bridge Overlook on Highway 360 along the Colorado River.

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For Saturday, volunteers launched a search in the region, and the community was warned to take measures owing to the bitterly cold weather expected on Christmas Eve and the rugged terrain.

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Even though law enforcement personnel “requested that all search and volunteer efforts cease,” event organizers noted in an update provided early Saturday afternoon.

The disappearance of Hoang was described by his uncle as “uncharacteristic.”

According to his uncle, who spoke to KXXV, “He is always available, and he always shows up to help.”

“He has always been there to assist his grandparents whenever they have required assistance or whenever I have traveled back to Texas. Always present whenever his parents required assistance or whenever there was a gathering of the extended family.”

“That’s why we’re quite a in disbelief that he would go without notifying us,” he added. “That’s why we’re quite an in amazement.”

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During the time that Hoang’s family was looking for him, they pleaded with him to return home.

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“Tanner, know that we adore you. God loves you, “KXXV received a statement from his uncle. “You need to get home as soon as you see this message or any of the others that have been left on Facebook for you,” the note read.

He went on to say, “We hope that he’s all right.” We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will work out in the end and that there will be a family get-together.

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