CelebrityTakeoff Shot Dead at 28, What Happened at Party with Quavo?

Takeoff Shot Dead at 28, What Happened at Party with Quavo?

Monday saw the debut of the music video for Takeoff and Quavo’s hit “Messy.” Prior to Takeoff’s murder on Tuesday morning at a Houston bowling alley, the new track was released.

“Only Built for Infinity Links,” the rapper’s collaborative album, was released on October 7.

Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, shared a scene from the video in which he and Quavo were awaking following a “Messy” evening they had imagined together.

The two characters in the video stroll around a messy residence. On their voyage, they run into a variety of people, from stray kids to feuding card players. Additionally, gossip is lurking within the cobwebs, along with accusatory girlfriends.

Daps and Quavo were the directors.

On Monday, Takeoff posted a snippet from the video to Instagram along with the hashtag “#HappyHalloween,” just days before he passed away.

Both Takeoff‘s groupmate and his uncle, Quavo, real name Quavious Marshall, are related. With Quavo’s cousin Offset, each first became well-known within the Migos crew.

Before Drake joined a remix of their popular song “Versace,” which made it clear that they might go international, Migos was a rising star in the Atlanta hip-hop scene.

During a Big Facts interview on Revolt TV, Quavo discussed the breakup of the Migos. He stated on October 3 that he felt “we just wanted to see our career as a pair.”

And sometimes, when sh*t doesn’t work out, it ain’t meant to be, he said. “We just came from a devoted family, sh*t that’s supposed to stick together.

They were still a family, as Takeoff’s confirmation showed. We’ve always been a family, and that won’t change, he added, adding that only time will tell.

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“Handsome and Wealthy” (2014), “Bad and Boujee” (2016), and “Walk It Talk It” are some of Migos’ additional top songs (2018.)

Streaming platforms worldwide offer “Only Built For Infinity Links.”


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