Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 12 Ending Explained

The latest episode, which was released on 31st May 2022, was necessary, as Clark finally reveals his identity to Lana as Superman. This was a pivotal episode, as fans enthusiastically anticipated it after the cliffhanger episode 11 concluded.

Lana, upon knowing this, obviously is struggling to take it all in & accept it. The conversation between them was just a right & fine blend of love, friendship, and fury, along with the part of their backstories we never knew about was splendid. Her crippling with this revelation is an organic reaction from someone who thought they knew their best friend, and it is understandable on her part.

Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 12
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In an intense and emotion-filled episode, what provided a breather was Natalie persuading the boys to play hooky to help out Jon on his first day in school; this subplot acted as a relief & was lighter compared to the rest episode. Nat displays her brand new suit to Jon & Jordan; they then assist her in dredging the power source. John sees them together & Nat calls them a family, this little part worked as a sweetener in the episode.

Superman faces a dilemma; he doesn’t want to kill Bizarro-world to save his own. He tries to point out to Bizarro Jon all the wrongs he is doing, which ultimately fails. After this, Sam, John, Superman & Henry are shown conversing with each other about the strategies they can use to beat Ally; the topic of the Bizarro-world comes up, where Superman expresses his very perplexity.

Following this, Tal-Rho is seen helping dismantle the second pendant, which proves to be successful despite Ally making all the attempts she could to prevent it; it doesn’t translate into her defeat, and Tal- Rho breaks out.

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