DivorceSteven Spielberg Says ET Was Inspired by His Parents’ Divorce!

Steven Spielberg Says ET Was Inspired by His Parents’ Divorce!

Steven Spielberg has cited the inspiration for his classic film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial as his parent’s divorce.

After debuting in 1982, the movie is now marking its 40th anniversary. When the renowned director was still a high school student in 1966, his parents divorced.

Spielberg discussed the origins of E.T. at a recent (April 21) appearance at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival.

He explained to the audience how the last sequence of his 1977 film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind had been given new consideration after he had considered the divorce of his parents.

He reportedly replied, “What if that small creature never returned to the ship?” according to the Independent. “What if the creature was a component of an international exchange program?

What if I reframe my divorce-related story as one about kids and a family striving to meet a serious need and taking on such responsibility?

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“Having siblings makes a divorce more difficult because we all look out for one another. What if Elliott, or the kid – I hadn’t even thought of a name for him yet – needed to take on parental responsibilities for a life form for the first time in his life to fill the void in his heart?

He continued by saying that at the time, he was also working on “a real literal script” on the divorce of his parents. The director used his own experiences as well as those of his sisters and sisters-in-law as inspiration for his ideas.

Online trolls criticized Steven Spielberg last month for referring to the Squid Game ensemble as “unknown people” in the record-breaking Korean drama on Netflix.

He added during a speech at the PGA Awards, “Squid Game comes along and changes the math entirely for all of us.”

“In the past, domestic stars attracted audiences to the movies. It’s fascinating how undiscovered persons can suddenly star in entire miniseries and movies.

steven spielberg parents divorce

When the panel debated whether it was crucial to cast well-known actors in main parts for projects to thrive, Spielberg made a statement.

The filmmaker also commended the streaming service for allegedly opening the doors for less well-known actors to star in the series.

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