CelebritySteve Harvey's Messy Divorce and $60 M Lawsuit: Everything We Know!

Steve Harvey’s Messy Divorce and $60 M Lawsuit: Everything We Know!

Celebrity splits are hardly unheard of. But when they stretch on and the parties involved start pointing the finger at one another, things may get ugly. Steve Harvey is one of the famous people who has gone through at least one difficult divorce. Let’s look at former spouses.

Steve Harvey, Who Is He?

Even Steve Harvey, who is regarded as one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time, struggled to find happiness and even love. The comedian also works as a radio host, novelist, actor, and businessman, among other things.

Before he found stability, Harvey endured three years of struggle and homelessness. He debuted as the Showtime at the Apollo host. For his chat show, Steve Harvey, he has also received two Daytime Emmy Awards.

In addition to the Miss Universe contest, Steve Harvey also hosts the Family Feud web series on Facebook. He gained notoriety in 2015 after accidentally declaring the wrong Miss Universe winner.

He worked as a boxer, insurance agent, autoworker, mailman, carpet cleaner, and other vocations during his hard times. When the gig didn’t offer a hotel room for him to spend the night, he would also occasionally sleep in his 1976 Ford.

He battled homelessness for almost three years. But now that he’s succeeded in life, his annual pay is reportedly approximately $45 million.

He makes more than $10 million from hosting Family Feud, and another $20 million from his radio job. His total net worth is currently at $200 million and rising.

steve harvey divorce

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Steve Harvey’s Initial Spouse Harvey, Marcia

In 1981, when Harvey was trying to make it as a comedian while working as an insurance salesman in Ohio, he wed Marcia Harvey. He spent a lot of time away from home because of his job and later his interest, which contributed to their eventual divorce in 1994.

According to rumors, the couple’s 14-year relationship ended due to Harvey’s propensity for infidelity. He is thought to have abandoned his wife and two kids while she was carrying their third child.

Marcia purposefully maintained a low profile, thus nothing is known about her. However, it is well known that she went on to publish books. Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind and Marcia: Poems From The Heart are two of her books.

Mary Shackelford, Second Wife of Steve Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey (formerly Shackefford) is Harvey’s second spouse. Mary is only recognized for being a professional makeup artist at the time of her meeting with Steve Harvey.

Before even divorcing his first wife, Mary, Steve is said to have had an affair with her.

steve harvey divorce

They had a child together and were introduced in 1989 while he was still a stand-up comic in Texas. They were married for nine years until divorcing in 2005. However, it didn’t end there.

Mary revealed her side of the divorce in 2011—a few years after they had divorced. She claimed to have discovered a secret letter addressed to Steve at their Los Angeles home, and that it was written by a mistress.

She also asserted that she answered a call from a woman who identified herself as calling in search of a job. Mary felt concerned about this. She thought the other woman in the conversation was Steve’s current wife, Marjorie Bridges, who was his mistress at the time.

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Mary also came forward to say that Steve Harvey got custody of their son despite failing to appear at the hearing. She kept discussing the divorce and the custody dispute, despite the judge’s orders to stop. She was sentenced to a month in jail in December 2013 for disrespecting the court.

In 2017, she proceeded to sue Harvey for $60 million, alleging various offenses such as torture, endangering children, and contract breach.

Mary also allegedly self-medicated after Steve removed their son from her, which left her feeling suicidal and miserable.

A judge refuted some of her assertions, such as the one that Steve Harvey left her penniless. She received three mansions, $1.5 million, and $40,000 each month in March, it was found. She purposefully transferred her son to Harvey without his knowledge, according to documentation the court showed.

Steve never spoke about any of this in public, other than to express his regret that his family and kids had to suffer as a result. But he did take Mary to court for disseminating false information about him. He further asserted that the unfavorable reports were the cause of his denial of a show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.

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The Third Wife of Steve Harvey Harvey, Marjorie Elaine

Steve Harvey’s third and present wife is named Marjorie. Two years after he divorced his first wife, they wed in 2007. They are the parents of three of Marjorie’s former children that Steve adopted.

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Steve eventually disclosed the method he used to ask Marjorie to marry him in 2014. He claimed to have flown her to Mexico for a vacation while keeping a diamond ring hidden in her dessert.

steve harvey divorce

The Lady Loves Couture is a fashion and lifestyle company that Marjorie created. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation were also co-founded by her. On their 15th wedding anniversary in 2022, Steve wrote his wife a touching letter.

She altered his life, he claimed, and for that, he had a great deal of “debt and gratitude.” “If people get weary of hearing me say it, that’s okay,” he continued. It does not alter the truth. Outside of God’s grace, you are the main cause of why I am where I am now. The only one is you.

There are many grandchildren in addition to Steve Harvey’s seven children. His daughter Lori Harvey is the most well-liked member of his family. Her relationship with rapper Future and Akon’s brother Abou Thiam has made headlines.

To become as successful as he is now, Steve Harvey had to work hard to break into comedy and then climb the corporate ladder. He appears to be in a good place in both his personal and professional life, despite the fact that it was not simple.


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