Southern Charm’s Madison Le Croy Calls Ex Austen Kroll ‘not Husband Material’ as She Plans Wedding

Madison LeCroy, star of Southern Charm, has reconciled with her ex Austen Kroll and is prepared to marry Brett Randle.

The reality actress, 31, gave new information about her private wedding to Randle as well as her excitement at letting go of a “destructive scenario” in her previous relationship with Kroll, 35.

According to her interview with Entertainment Tonight, “[Austen] and I never, in the three years of grey area, had ever discussed marriage or anything like that. So it’s absolutely refreshing to be with someone who understood what they wanted, and wanted the same things.”

LeCroy said that she “was in a different situation” when she was dating Kroll.

Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy Says It's 'Refreshing' Not to Be 'Toxic'

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Venita Aspen, LeCroy’s co-star who joined the show this season and also took part in the ET interview, chimed in, “Dumpster fire.”

Madison clarified, “He’s not a one-woman sort of man. I’m simply glad that everyone was able to see how he truly is and [his] f-boy behaviors. I feel extremely validated in that.

She exclaims that she has “been put on a pedestal” with Randle right now. And as you can see, it has absolutely altered my perspective on things, she continues, “And I think that every woman deserves that sort of love.”

To begin with, Randle hasn’t yet made an appearance on Southern Charm and has no plans to do so.

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Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy Says It's 'Refreshing' Not to Be 'Toxic'

When we bring in everyone else (i.e., cast members and crew), you will see how this works out repeatedly because I know this connection will work and I want it to work so badly. “Sincerity is damned, I believe that reality television requires a specific kind of person. But he just isn’t very good at it.”

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Aspen concurred “You keep your gems to yourself and don’t trade them. She is acting in this manner.”

Speaking of diamonds, LeCroy was prepared to tie the knot with Randle before she received her own, and she even made the joke that she would have popped the question if her future husband hadn’t.

Madison Le Croy¬†wants to maintain an intimate atmosphere on her special day. LeCroy announced, “There will be 35 guests for my wedding, and they are all family.” We only needed to make sure that others there recognized us as a couple.

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